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Comment Re:Meh on eMusic (Score 1) 202

Apple has zero credibility for me with music. The one time I bought an album from them, I was so frustrated with the hoops and hacks necessary to move the tracks from my work machine to a cd for my commute, or heaven forbid another machine that I gave up on them. The way they block 3rd parties from getting into the Ipod part puts them on a par with every other company in the market, perhaps a bit worse because of the smug borderline dishonesty of it all. For all their fancy advertising and mantra of usability, their approach to DRM and content usability is in lockstep with the worst of corporate marketers. Seller-focused, not biased toward user needs. With emusic, it's cash and carry. You download the tracks and get to play with them. Burn a cd for the car, pop it on a flash drive for a work mix, whatever. No draconian file lock downs or feature crippling via built in "protection." It's music, not the NSA! It really amazes me how people jump up to defend paying the same price as physical product music, for digital downloads that have 1/2 the usability of a good old cd or lp.

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