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Comment cruft (Score 1) 307

I like the entirely pointless twitter link in the summary. Hey, here's what one guy thinks about iPhone development, but first, have an entirely irrelevant and content-free quip from some other guy! Yeah!

Comment Re:OSM (Score 1) 74

[OpenStreetMap does] not have the infrastructure to handle a twitter like traffic load.

OSM is a database, not a hosted service where you can't access the data. There is no reason to throw a lot of traffic at their servers. Download the data and host it yourself.

Comment Re:Market It As a Toy! (Score 2, Insightful) 134

You might be able to scale it down and have it run for more than three seconds and without using lawsuit-inspiringly high tank pressures, I don't know, I'm not a rocket scientist.

But something that would be difficult to scale is the electronics. I don't know what precisely Armadillo is using right now, but I know it includes a Crossbow IMU. The control system for a rocket needs high quality gyros, and while the Crossbow is cheap by the rarefied standards of military avionics, it's still a good fifty grand, and is definitely not something that can be replaced by a wiimote accelerometer.

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