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Comment Re:Ive is the one responsible for the antenna (Score 2, Insightful) 374

Industrial designers are the ones who decide what the product is going to be, especially at a design-centric company like Apple. The engineers are just the peons who have to agonize over the implementation. Furthermore, it's not like engineering couldn't have solved the issue while retaining the design; a diamond coating or equivalent would probably have been adequate. also: trying to compromise the design between the design team and engineering will just create an inelegant, jumbled product like every other manufacturer puts out. - an industrial designer (lawl)

Submission + - Government Should Get Used To WikiLeaks (

SonicSpike writes: No matter where right or wrong lie in the posting of classified military reports on, one lesson should be clear: This is how it's going to be. Technology will continue to undercut secrecy — not just in the military, but in all large organizations. Government and corporate leaders who aren't ahead of this problem may already have trouble on their hands they don't know about. Doubling down on information security is an option, but there are better approaches than to hunker in the secrecy corner. Organizations of any size should examine what information they have that is not publicly available, and how they would be harmed by its release. Ultimately, the U.S. military and all organizations, government and corporate, should begin to plan strategy and tactics so that they don't rely on controlling information — at least not for long after it originates. Information technology is a strong and growing adversary, and it is better to turn its strengths to one's advantage than to waste resources trying to fight against it.

Submission + - Battle.NET passwords are not case-sensitive. 1

Knifa writes: Account passwords for Blizzard's Battle.NET service are not case-sensitive as one would expect. The Battle.NET service links Blizzard games into one single unified account, however one would expect this system to be more secure. A blue poster on the World of Warcraft forums confirmed this about a year ago but seemingly nothing has been done about the security risk. Blue post @

Submission + - Bill Gates: Forget university, web for education (

An anonymous reader writes: Bill Gates attended the Technonomy conference earlier this week, and had quite a bold statement to make about the future of education. He believes the web is where people will be learning in five years from now, not colleges and university. During his chat he said, "Five years from now on the web for free you’ll be able to find the best lectures in the world. It will be better than any single university"

Submission + - How to choose your personal submersible (

Florian Wardell writes: Maybe it's precisely the rush of knowing that one is traveling in an environment comparable to the harshness of outer space that makes submarines so fascinating. Technology will surely decrease the cost of underwater travel, and who knows, maybe Virgin Oceanic will do for this industry what Virgin Galactic did for space travel. Meanwhile, here is a short guide to the best private subs you could get your hands on.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 201

The reactor filled up with steam and went into a runaway power generation loop, which first caused a steam explosion, then a more powerful nuclear explosion. The nuclear explosion itself wasn't very impressive. It had as much power as about 10 tons of TNT, which was several orders of magnitude lower than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions.

source? everything I know about nuclear reactors tells me that they are 100% incapable of any type of fission explosion; at most you could get some kind of prompt criticality accident from fuel rods bashing into eachother, but nothing that could possibly release 10t equivalent energy.

Comment Re:I fail to see what is newsworthy (Score 1) 456

It's worth noting that most people with ALS die after a few years because they choose not to continue with permanent life support gear, and kick the bucket when their lungs stop working by themselves. If mechanical breathing assistance is provided, the patient will continue living indefinitely (until a complication or unrelated illness gets them).

[my mother has had ALS for around 18 years now]

Comment Re:"Let's hope" (Score 1) 389

I'm far from an engineer, but I can still say quite confidently that you're incredibly wrong. rather than bother with any kind of math myself, I'll just direct you to youtube-- Both of these tests used the same model of bomb as was dropped on Nagasaki, around 21kt (the bomb used on Hiroshima was only 12kt; no idea where 54kt came from). we won't be destroying Texas any time soon.

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