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Submission + - I am the bad boss!! what now?!?

Anonymous writes: I'm an IT manager since almost 2 years now and out of no-where (maybe arrogance), I decided to do a 360 feedback (using one of those websites). Employees were able to answer anonymously and, now I'm sure, didn't hold on anything on their mind. Turned out I'm not very good; pretty much very bad. As suggested, I'm one of those managers who got promoted due to "technical prowess" in my previous position. And in all honesty, although I like the job (well, before I did...), I didn't sign up for this (people who hates you and goes bad mouthing about you — not that they're not right, just that I don't want to be known like that). What should I do now? You guys saw anyone in that same position (maybe you?) and actually turned it over and became a good boss?

Submission + - Voting machine bug: takes a lawsuit for action

Naugabeast writes: A known bug exists in Texas voting machines. But does it get fixed? No. So democrats sue. Does it get fixed now? Not even yet... Quote: "...straight-party votes cast with the equipment aren't fully tabulated if the voter goes through the ballot and selects certain candidates down the list as if to "emphasize" a decision." http://cbs11tv.com/topstories/local_story_04417402 2.html

Submission + - D-Wave Demonstrates First Quantum Computer

peace2300 writes: "http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,2094849 ,00.asp On Tuesday, members of D-Wave Systems, a Vancouver-based hardware firm, gathered at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View to demonstrate what they claimed is the world's first commercially viable quantum computer: the "16-qubit" Orion. Touted as a systems-level "proof-of-concept" machine, the Orion uses a new type of analog processor that taps into quantum mechanics, rather than using the conventional physics associated with today's digital processing, to drive the computation. D-Wave maintained that its approach allows for the building of scalable processor architectures using many of the conventional processes and technologies employed in the semiconductor industry today. Furthermore, because Orion's processors are computationally equivalent to more standard devices, D-Wave says that any application can be developed for one type of quantum computer and then recast as an application for another. Full story here"

Submission + - Rights groups slam "lamer" data retention

amigoro writes: "Rights groups today slammed Data Retention Bill introduced by Representative Lamar "lamer" Smith (R-TX). ACLU said: "Legislation like this is like swatting a fly with a bazooka." CDT released a comprehensive memo about eight months ago describing the dangers of this bill, but apparently no-one listened. With a name like Lamar, what more can you expect?"

Submission + - Turns Out Google Really Does Listen

SamThomp writes: "There's a perfect Google underdog story going on right now. It goes like this: A college student named Aaron Stanton has an idea he thinks Google will love. He tries to get in touch via phone, e-mail, and their web forms with no luck. Then, spurred by his father nearly dying of an embolism near Christmas, he takes a chance and flies to Mountain View, CA without an appointment, intending to sit in their lobby "like a spoiled child" until he gets a chance to meet with someone. He's been there about three days, now.

Here's where it gets interesting. He creates a website called CanGoogleHearMe.com, and uses Google Video to document his journey in hopes that it might be seen by someone at Google and they'll show pity. At first he's turned away (links to Google Video) at the door and doesn't get a chance to talk to anyone. Then, apparently someone in Google does notice the website and it spreads — word of mouth — inside of Google like wildfire; 600 people visit the site in two hours from inside of Google's headquarters at Mountain View.

Then, late last night — three days into his trip — the guy gets an e-mail with the subject line, "We can hear you :)" that says they're willing to listen to him. No meeting for sure yet, but a step in the right direction.

It's like "actual" reality TV. :) If you're looking for an interesting story to pay attention to for the week, it'll be interesting to see how this turns out. So far, Google seems to be living up to their image of being a large company that's open to ideas. As far as I'm concerned, best of luck to them both."

Submission + - Maps for hiking on Mars

Roland Piquepaille writes: "When the first astronauts land on Mars in about 20 years, they will have good tools to explore the planet. Using data provided by the High-Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) onboard ESA's Mars Express and transformed into 3-D computer models, the first hiking maps of Mars have been produced. These topographic maps, which mix height contours lines and high-resolution images, only cover today the Iani Chaos region at resolutions from 1:200 000 down to 1:50 000. But the scientists who created these first maps want now to produce more than 10,000 maps covering the whole Red planet. Read more for additional details and one of these first maps."

Comment Re:people search (Score 2, Interesting) 253

Dodgeball's tech/software doesn't do gps search.

Dodgeball updates your position based on sms.
Two features make it better than just texting your friends:
1. You can alert friends of friends, and end up meeting people in your extended network who happen to be at the same bar.
2. Your updates can be read online.

That second feature has some overlap with mobile blogging, something Google just got into...
But Dodgeball has all the dating tools of a singles site, too.

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