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Red Hat Software

Submission + - Is Red Hat a software firm or a bank? (

SavioRodrigues writes: "My analysis of Red Hat's financial results indicate that nearly half of Red Hat's profits have little to do with their core software business...well, unless Red Hat recently picked up an investing banking division.

Over the past two years, 48 percent of Red Hat's income before taxes has come from "Other Income," specifically interest income and capital gains on investments. For comparison, "Other Income" drives well under 10 percent of Microsoft's, Oracle's, and IBM's income before taxes. I wondered if Red Hat's revenue base, (in the hundreds of millions vs. these other vendors whose revenue is in the billions), was a reason for the difference. So I selected Tibco Software, whose revenue base is within $100M of Red Hat's and was founded in 1997, two years after Red Hat. Only 12 percent of Tibco's total income before taxes comes from "Other Income." I tried to look at Novell, but they've gone through years of negative Operating Income, so the ratios don't compute."


Submission + - RMS & Clipperz offer freedom in the cloud (

SavioRodrigues writes: "I previously wrote about Clipperz because I really think Marco and the team at Clipperz have a great idea. To summarize, Clipperz has technology for "zero-knowledge web applications" which they have applied to an online password manager as a proof of concept. Marco writes:

"We simply meant that Clipperz knows nothing about its users and their data! ... As a consequence of the "learn nothing" mantra, every zero-knowledge application should be completely anonymous, or at least it should make it impossible to relate the real name or email of a user to his data"
It seems that Richard Stallman agrees that Clipperz technology could be very useful in the cloud-based computing world that awaits us.

The guys at Clipperz and RMS have been talking about how Clipperz's technology could provide freedom and privacy in the cloud. To that end, they suggest (summarized from here):
  1. Choose AGPL: If your services are based on software with an AGPL license, you have to make the source code available to anyone that uses the service
  2. Add zero-knowledge sauce: The server hosting the web app could know nothing of its users, not even their usernames
  3. Build a smarter brower: We still need to provide users of web apps with an even more flexible and secure environment.
Do you think that #1 is a requirement?"

Comment Re:Good first step... (Score 1) 118

>In fact RedHat makes over a billion dollars a year,

Just fyi but, Red Hat's trailing 12 month revenue is about $400M.

>else they risk dwindling mindshare.... and unltimately marketshare as well.

I've been keeping track of WebSphere's public growth figures. The WebSphere division competes vs. the JBoss product set. I think you'll agree that our growth has been well above the market and growing at such a rate from a base of several hundreds of millions is much more difficult than growing from a much smaller revenue base.

I do work at IBM (in the WebSphere division), so maybe I'm biased, but the financial results are difficult to argue with.

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