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Comment Re:Measurement from the NVIDIA site? (Score 1) 317

I got mine from Debian's repository until they stopped updating them... I don't know if they plan on supporting future NVidia releases, but it's been a month since I upgraded from version 173 (Debian) to 185 (NVidia), and the new drivers, which have been out for quite a while now, make a huge difference. I'm disappointed Debian hasn't been quicker about updating them. Their reluctance to update also meant I couldn't upgrade from Linux 2.6.26 to 2.6.30, which also meant I couldn't use ext4. Now, on a point somewhat orthogonal to the original topic, I'm using ext4 and GRUB 2, and I absolutely love it.


Submission + - WordPress blocked by Turkey to appease creationist (

John Hawks writes: "The entire WordPress domain has been blocked by the Turkish government, and the WordPress blog carries a reaction. The blockage comes at the request of Adnan Oktar, a.k.a. Harun Yahya, best known as one of the foremost international promoters of creationism. Oktar alleges that WordPress sites have defamed him, and has demanded satisfaction. The Scientific American blog has more details on this matter and the news earlier this week that ScienceBlogger P. Z. Myers has been sued for libel."

Submission + - Multiformat Listening Test at 64kbps 1

prospective_user writes: "Do you think you have good ears? Think again.

The community at Hydrogenaudio has prepared a Public Listening Test for comparison of the most popular audio codecs (AAC, Vorbis, and Microsoft's WMA included) in a battle to see how they stand at compressing audio at 64kbps.

Many of the participants right now have expressed their surprise at being unable to determine which is the original and which is the compressed version of 18 samples covering a vast amount of musical styles.

The results of this test (and other that are conducted at Hydrogenaudio) will be used by the developers of the codecs to further improve the "transparency" and let this kind of test be even harder.

Everyone is invited to participate and show how good your listening is!"

Submission + - First production flying car to be built

Tookis writes: The first production flying car is being designed to be a vertical take-off and landing vehicle. The flying car, under production for consumer purchase, is called the M200G. Its cost to customers is estimated to be at least $90,000 (in U.S. dollars). The M200G uses eight low-emission Rotapower engines (Wankel rotary engines, produced by Freedom Motors). Its advanced cooling system allows it to be a fairly lightweight vehicle. Its projected cruising speed is about 50 miles per hour at about 10 feet off the ground. A Mark II version under development will have a cruising speed of 300MPH at an altitude of more than 6 miles.

First "Real" Benchmark for PostgreSQL 275

anticlimate writes "A new benchmark published on SPEC shows PostgreSQL's performance approaching that of Oracle's and surpassing or on par with MySQL (however the test-hardwares of the other DB systems are somewhat different). The test was put together by PostgreSQL's core developers working at Sun. They certainly are not unbiased, but this is the first 'real' benchmark with PostgreSQL — according to Josh Berkus's blog. The main difference compared to earlier benchmarks (and anecdotes) seems to be the tuning of PostgreSQL."
The Internet

Submission + - Neutral Net needs twice the bandwidth of Tiered (

berberine writes: "Recent research suggests the obvious: that building an undifferentiated network requires far more capacity than one in which traffic is prioritized, throttled, and controlled. But when AT&T researchers are involved in writing the paper in question [pdf], the results seem a bit more sinister. Is the research just another attempt by a major backbone Internet operator to justify a non-neutral Internet?"

Submission + - NASA postpones Dawn Launch, Phoenix on Schedule

StaffInfection writes: "The NASA Dawn mission launch has been slipped to September 15th to begin its journey to the Asteroid belt. Dawn will orbit the two largest asteroids — Vesta and Ceres, and flyby several other smaller asteroids. The Phoenix mission to Mars, the resurrected twin lander to the ill-fated Mars Polar Lander (MPL), remains scheduled for a launch between August 3rd and August 20th, weather and systems permitting. Phoenix will execute the Mission profile of MPL — land at a high martian latitude to study surface morphology, the atmosphere and soil samples with a keen interest in water content. Link to the NASA Dawn announcement and related Phoenix links is located at 50_Dawn_postpone_Sep.html."

Submission + - Strangest Sights Visibile Using Google Earth ( 1

BethEllen writes: Hi — Saw today's post on the Chinese nuclear sub prototype visible on Google Maps. Thought you would be interested in this slide show highlighting some of the cooler, and stranger, sights found using Google Earth, including crop circles and a 1.8-square-mile scale model of a disputed region on the border of China and India.,134186/article.h tml?tk=pr_googe-ss Best, Beth

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