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Comment This carbon tax scam needs to be explained/stopped (Score 0) 270

You're making a fundamental mistake, that being that you are trusting scientists. Not just any scientists, mind you, but scientists whose CAREERS are advanced based on the data they PRODUCE. Scientists are not all-altruistic entities that act for the goodness of all mankind. Scientists ARE PEOPLE whose jobs depend on funding from universities which receive funding from governments and corporations. These governments and corporations are PAYING to get results, namely the results they want. Anyone who knows anything about Al Gore knows that he is a hack. He owns SEVERAL mansions and uses 21x the amount of the average home owner in just ONE of his mansions. He offsets this by buying carbon credits (which do god knows what). The hilarity ensues because he owns the company that issues the carbon credits. Yes 2000 (sorry, less than that. Several scientists sued to get their names taken off of the list) have signed a petition saying that man is evil and is causing all the global warming (which actually peaked around 2005). This was greatly hyped and continues to be hyped by Mr. Gore who is doing his best to help get legislation passed to mandate a carbon cap and trade system (which his company would be in charge of administrating, collecting on, etc). Mr. Gore also owns controlling stock on a major oil company, I almost forgot that. Anyways, Mr. Gore contends that the debate is over and it's his way or the highway, and every chance he gets, he refuses to debate the 31,000 and counting scientists who are trying to give evidence that refutes Mr. Gore's claims. So, in conclusion I would say that there is a huge scam going on, humans are NOT bad for breathing (I prefer not to have to pay for simply existing), Mr. Gore is propagating this scam for monetary gain, yes there is damage done by humans (chemical/oil spills, GMO, destroying animals natural habitats), but we do not have the ability to do the damage that is being attributed to us by Mr. Gore.

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