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Lord of the Rings

Submission + - Tolkien Trust Okays Hobbit Movie

saudadelinux writes: Last year, the Tolkien Trust which administers JRR's estate, bellowed stentoriously, "Youuuu shall not make The Hobbit!" and sued New Line Cinema for "a reported $220m (£133m) in compensation, based on breach of contract and fraud." New Line, chastened, has settled for an undisclosed sum of money. The Trust has given its blessing to New Line for Guillermo del Toro to film "The Hobbit" and for New Line to make other films based on Tolkien's work. Much rejoycing!

Submission + - Survey: UNIX, Linux Improve; Windows Worsens

saudadelinux writes: "According to a summary of the Yankee Group's 2007-2008 Global Server Operating Reliability Survey on the Institute for Advanced Professional Studies site, IBM's AIX was the most reliable UNIX out there, in terms of uptime. Sun and HP did well, and RHEL and Debian improved dramatically. Ubuntu scored as high, the commercial UNIXes. Windows Server 2000 and 2003's downtime increased, according to the poll. Perhaps Mr. Gates should study the downtime graph and GPL Windows, so it will improve ;-)"

Submission + - Which Lost/Stolen Laptop Trackers Do You Like? 2

saudadelinux writes: "I got held up at gunpoint in July, and my laptop was stolen. Fortunately, I was able to get a new one, and I'm typing this post on it.
There companies out which for a fee, install tracker software on your laptop. If it's stolen or lost, they track its whereabouts whenever it gets on the 'Net and work with local law enforcement and ISPs to find the machine. I'm wondering: does anyone use one of those services? Does anyone have a recommendation for which company to go with? I'm using a dual-boot Ubuntu/XP machine, and the couple of companies I've looked at do Windows-only. Are there Linux options? TIA, saudadelinux"
The Courts

Submission + - Shocking Admission In Reiser Murder Case

saudadelinux writes: "Wired magazine is carrying a story in which a Sean Sturgeon, a former lover of Reiser's ex-wife (and a former friend of his), admitted to killing eight people unrelated to the case. "(Deputy District Attorney) Paul Hora indicated that the court was ordering him to divulge this information," defense attorney Richard Tamor said last Friday." He also said that Sturgeon had confessed to a potential ninth murder, but that Sturgeon wasn't sure if the victim was fully dead when he left him.""
Lord of the Rings

Submission + - The Hobbit: A New Hope

saudadelinux writes: "Rotten Tomatoes is carrying a very brief story saying that MGM has had initial talks with Peter Jackson's people about doing The Hobbit. MGM said they'd be "thrilled" to work with him on it. We'll have to wait to see what happens, but with a little luck, maybe he'll do it."

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