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Comment Hm, wasn't aware there was any controversy (Score 5, Insightful) 128

Wasn't aware there was any controversy about this. I always thought it was believed to be a meteor or comet. Of course, I underestimated the power of human imagination. I shouldn't be surprised that some people out there thought it was OMG ALIENS or maybe a strange dark matter bomb placed by the Romulans. After all, if there's a needlessly complicated, idiotic rationale for how the Pyramids have straight walls, there must be one for a giant explosion in Siberia.

Comment "Will" they control us? (Score 1) 130

I have news for you. They already do. Watch anyone try to walk or eat dinner without constantly consulting their smartphone. They have us trained well. Unfortunately, sometimes they train us to walk into walls or off of sidewalks into oncoming traffic, so it might not be a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship...

Comment Re:Their country, their rules (Score 1) 204

So therefore... no state can own any land on Earth? Or is it just the "Guinness World Record" pieces of land that are that should be exempt from governmental and legal control? Would that include the highest waterfall? What about the widest? What about the second-deepest lake or the biggest ocean? And who decides whether something (non-human-created) is of "worldwide" importance?

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