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Comment The only thing I can use Bitcoin for (Score 1) 67

I bought some Bitcoins from a friend who's mining with cash - the only way to really do it anonymously. It was around $50 bucks. Unlike other people I decided that I'll only be spending them, and only for things I care about, not spending them for the sake of spending them.

So far the only things I've really managed is to send a few (small) donations, and buy Reddit gold. As far as I'm aware, the rest of the people who dabble in Bitcoin are exchanging them for money - which means they are speculating. If you're not speculating, it's really difficult to find ways to spend your Bitcoins.

I've decided I will buy more Bitcoins as soon as I've spent the ones I have. So far I've managed to spend $20 in the last 3-4 months, so I'll probably manage to spend all of them until the year is out.

So far the only thing I can use Bitcoin for was sending various donations, and even there they usually have a PayPal option.

Comment Re:It's all funny money... (Score 1) 267

This is an old fallacy, that only food has "real value". Things have different values to different people, or even to the same people in different situations.

Examples: A bottle of water is worth more in the desert than near the river. Same bottle of water, different value. Why? Because different situation. A good steel knife is worth more than a gold bar if you are stranded on a lonely island for 10 years like Robinson Crusoe, but not if you are in the center of New York.

Comment Re:Self Serving Story? (Score 1) 267

If I had to wait for 10 minutes to get my starbucks coffee paid for I'd probably decide to just pay cash.

If you are in physical proximity where you can just hand over cash, then use cash. Bitcoin is a way to send "cash" to someone who is NOT in the same room.

When you send cash, the guy who receives it doesn't ask you to write down your name and address, date of the transaction, and mail it to the government. Bitcoin tries to bring that to remote transactions.

Comment Re:Pick your poison (Score 1) 337

I would prefer to have a 17'' laptop and a 7'' tablet than a 12'' detachable that's too big and heavy to hold in one hand, while still too small to use comfortably on a desk for work. Though I'd probably connect a 22'' external screen to the laptop, too.

Comment Re:Are You Kidding? (Score 1) 541

Has there been any research that has proven that there are no "unfair" differences, or is it just assumed? What is the current stance of the scientific community - is it "We don't know" or is it "We are certain there are no differences in intelligence and behavior caused by genetics"?

Comment Re:FTP authentication (Score 2) 148

Anonymous login accepts any password, just put a random string. As for the LIST command, if FileZilla can read it, so can Google, they're not morons. You just handle all the possible variations of all the popular FTP servers. Yes, you actually have to write some code, but last I heard Google has programmers on staff.

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