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Comment Re: iPhones just one affected component (Score 3, Informative) 128

There is no "3G-GSM" in the proper sense, the successor to GSM voice is UMTS, which is _not_ VOIP, it's circuit switched vocoder based like GSM was, just much more spectrally efficient because it uses CDMA on the air interface. (that's not the same as CDMA2000)

Comment Telco has been here before (Score 2) 26

Telecom equipment has been using these 48vdc power systems for decades.

That industry certainly hasn't had the same goals in mind as far as efficiency or getting the kind of density that Google et al would need, but the designs should have a lot in common regarding physical plant designs.

e.g. in the telco space, N+1 (need +1) or better is pretty standard, with the distributed nature of Google and other large compute clusters being (likely) more tolerant of a given node or blade server failing without impact on the whole.

Comment Use case (Score 2) 106

I'm still not seeing a strong use case for having every-thing connected ..

Certainly for things like furniture, just as not all those objects or walls will have need for a display.

It goes back to an old recycling meme .. the "you can extract petroleum, refine it, form it into pellets, form that into a fork, transport it to market where it is bought, transported to place of use and than finally -- used and discarded .. or you can wash the fork and set it aside for reuse".

Meaning in this context, you _could_ have the tables and chairs in a diner report their utilization and/or have a system optimally place customers to enable more people to be served in a given period .. or you can allow the much simpler approach customers use of "sit at an open table".

Comment Re:Buying freedom (Score 1) 128

I don't have points and wouldn't have downvoted you, but it is rather simplistic to think that all the modern things you enjoy are somehow without cost.

e.g. it's not theft to pay property taxes if those property taxes pay for your ability to drive to your property, enjoy protection on your property should it be targeted by criminals or should catch fire,. to say nothing of the education of you and the people around you to enable you to have money to make and do those things in the first place.

Comment Part of the problem (Score 3, Insightful) 186

That is part of the problem .. trying to design a drop in replacement that replicates the current functionality and interoperability with other systems.

With government especially, you have lists of exceptions and custom one-off code to get something working, that it becomes impracticable to replace it without an equal or additional number of exceptions.

It's the kind of system that benefits from a "flush it all away" mentality of defining new standards and sticking to them.

Comment If they're really worried about radiation (Score 4, Interesting) 207

If someone is really worried about radiation from wifi, they'd be well advised to not have _any_ wifi devices in the home, if not actually living some large distance from anyone else with same devices.

They'd also want to avoid cell phones too..

Actually, such a person would just become a hermit.

Comment It's a fake!! (Score 3, Interesting) 385

This was a fake filibuster ..

If he had been serious, he could have lodged a nominal filibuster (e.g say "I am speaking" that could only be overridden with a majority vote of the senate.

Since his party controls the senate, and he basically just did a political stunt, I question if he is actually against the Patriot Act, or if he was just playing political theater for his doomed presidential campaign.

Comment Re: I cannot prove it, but I can say it? (Score 1) 302

Rural Kansas gets much more in state funding benefits than they do in taxes paid.

if KS did what you suggest, the per-pupil expenditures would plummet in the rural counties and stay the same in the urban / suburban ones.

All that would be great .. in a amoral libertarian world.

The "secret sauce" of Johnson County has been the citizens willingness to pay for the schools. No other county I am aware of has been as willing to approve the bond issues, property tax and sales tax increases that joco has.

Schools in KS are messed up, there is no reason to mess it up more.

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