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Comment OP needs to understand how American laws work (Score 1) 935

"requires licenses for those who sell guns at gun shows and on the internet, and forces background checks on buyers" = He cannot legally Require this, so he is creating a buzz around a gray area where you may be illegally pulled into a court fight funded by your own taxes in which they know they won't win but will still drain you in legal fees to make your life hard. "Obama is requiring the departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security to investigate smart gun technology" = He is requesting that they do and hoping that an opposition Congress will fund this Bullshit that consumers have already rejected which he knows he has no legal authority to implement. Little to nothing other than an unintentional consequence of making more of us FFL licensed gun dealers and further propagating gun ownership in America will come of this.

Comment We All NEED to be connected... (Score 0) 24

..so the NSA can log more of our traffic....and low income people need to be watched too. And we all need google glass too so the NSA can watch what we watch so....terrorists......or something....I don't know, just copy nsa@assclowns.gov on anything you send, it helps prevent you from being a drone strike victim, err, I mean a terrorist...Merica!

Comment Re:Who needs an advertising budget? (Score 1) 471

So your theory is that he wanted free advertising instead of genuinely not wanting to deal with patrons constantly recording and uploading his and all of his patrons every move? I am absolutely disturbed by what the general public is willing to take, and scared by the utter lack of privacy they are willing and happy to live with.

Comment Re:No Death Penalty (Score 3, Insightful) 379

The state should be no more than a representative of the population, if the people in that state believe it is better to put down a rabid dog, or a serial rapist or a murdering mother, than it is not the state asserting power. It is the people stating that they believe there are things and people that are not capable of rehabilitation and not worth keeping alive indefinitely. If you actively catch someone in the act of murder and can justify killing them to save a life, then why is it so reprehensible for a jury to later point out that the same murderer has no right to further life?

Comment Re:Developers destroyed the start menu (Score 1) 862

Hell to the yeah.....and if I sort by name, why should it sort the apps with icons a-z and then also sort folders in the start menu a-z as if they're separate items?

BTW, #6 should be punishable by repeated papercutting over a 2-week period in a lemon-juice pool. This is the same reason I rarely install and update itunes on any computer regardless of the fact that I find it to be the most useful music app period.

Comment First Step in government controlling your car (Score 1) 115

http://www.its.dot.gov/connected_vehicle/connected_vehicle.htm I can't possibly add more info than the government is already putting out on this subject and we need to let the government know this is ridiculous. It was formerly known as Intellidive but the US DOT is moving forward on funding a road system and cars that will eventually take over when they believe a crash is imminent, or I assume any other reason the government believes you should (or shouldn't) stop. This should scare the shit out of you coming from the same government that decided they would just start listening to all our calls. Not to mention they are calling this a green initiative, so are you ready for the road to decide you're going too fast and slow you down without your help to save gas? Ready to have insurance hiked for not driving a car that can be overridden by the roadway itself?

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