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Comment Re:The core issue is not legality... (Score 2, Insightful) 118

Exactly. The RIAA and MPAA really care about money. Consider this, if they were not "losing millions in sales" would they give a hoot about filesharing? No. They would not. They do favour the slippery slope fallacy and they use whatever tools they can to get the powers that be to do whatever benefits the RIAA/MPAA members the most.

In essence, they are like M$. They want $ and that's all they care about.

MUSIC 140 at UW explains the history of music and how poorly artists are paid for THEIR work. There are so many hands grabbing and every hand wants more and more money with each grab.

Once these companies realized how much money can be made by selling records they went crazy. Now these companies poorly pay the artists and take advantage of the consumers.

It has been said before, many times, that what they fear most is losing control. Don't for a second think they won't go down fighting tooth and nail. They will attack the common folk, those who can't afford Johnny Cochrane for a lawyer because they know the rest of the common folk will be scared into listening. Obviously the common folk outnumber everyone else by massive numbers, so keeping them under control means more $$ for RIAA/MPAA companies.

It is illegal what most do by copying and sharing. It says it right on the bloody packages. These companies have a point. The problem is that what they do is not really illegal. They get away with a lot because they can.

They also know there is no way to organize the consumers to stop purchasing media from RIAA/MPAA companies. Boycott would be the only way, and even then, these companies will find another way around. They are run by rich people who want to remain rich and will stop at abosolutely nothing to prevent from going poor.

Note how they never attack a person with money? There was one person that I heard of who actually had enough money to hire a lawyer to fight back against the RIAA/MPAA. There's just too few of those people. They need to be set up. Have common folk with "unknown" rich supporters. Then the lawsuits should stop or dwindle from long court battles. If I had the funds I would attack them. First attack is reveal the truth about their "declining record sales" by obtaining TRUE records and proving they are full of it. Second step is make it known to the masses just where the money goes. The rest can be decided once the first two steps are complete.

I am anti-RIAA/MPAA but only because of how they treat artists and consumers and then chastise downloaders and filesharers for being unethical.

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