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Comment Re:whatnow?? (Score 2) 62

Seems more Count of Monte Cristo-esque to me. A group of people conspire against an individual under the letter of the law, and when the true victim wants to get back at them, we systematically brand the victim as evil and senseless. Though to be fair, the only affirming righteous retribution I can see is working toward fixing the system and getting justice against whoever railroaded Tastecicles.

This is a really interesting thread. I mentioned my problems elsewhere but I look like a whining baby compared to Tastecicles' problems. (my anger/hatred is directed toward someone who messed up a relationship between both me and a community of hobbyists re: something I'm passionate about, and the fallout killed an intimate relationship that was developing) So what Tastecicles is saying he's getting this: "hey, yeah, we railroaded you. Sorry you're depressed! Why don't you see our counselors and take psychotropic drugs for the rest of your life!" Ouch.

Anyway, I think Tastecicles' original post is HUGELY underrated. Everyone else (including me!) let this slip by: "We'll cure your depression by drilling holes into your brain and shocking it in regular intervals."

What. The. Fuck?!? What is this, the 1950s?

Comment Re:whatnow?? (Score 2) 62

I was with you except the "righteous retribution" part. (I even modded you up before checking that, haha) Depression is such an abused term, seldom used for people with something chemically wrong with them. Some individuals are just terrible at letting things go -- it's always been that way and always will be. I'm one of them.

That said, when I'm wronged, the hatred for those who wronged me does fuel me -- but not for righteous retribution, but to: prove them wrong, show them up, surpass them, surpass their preconceived notions, or otherwise knock them down a couple pegs, socially speaking. Who knows, maybe you meant that when you said "righteous retribution" but you let your passion get the best of your phrasing?

BTW, I can speak about this with a recent passion, and hopefully I'll get a chance to confront the individual but otherwise (be it with choice words or indiscriminate 4 letter words), it's become much about proving this individual wrong. Regardless of what happens, it'll be a lot more therapudic than handing out C-notes to shysters like candy.

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