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Comment Second Sun (Score 0) 154

OK, then can someone's brilliant scientific, objective, and ever so rational mind explain just what the fuck people are seeing next to the sun? Google second sun and start reading about it. It can be seen next to the sun at certain times of the year near the horizon. I saw it myself, with my own eyes, about 3 years ago, and it's only gotten bigger since then. The reason this is even in the media right now is because NASA is scared shitless about what's just around the corner, and they're trying to make it look like they don't know, but "they're investigating the matter." Get your shit together, people. This is even in the Bible: "Wormwood." Donald Trump, China, Russia, isn't going to fucking matter soon since this thing is going to be all the planet is worried about in the very near future.

Comment ShittiPedia (Score 1) 153

Wikipedia is a joke. So is that idea that any organization can function in a "de-centralized, democratic fashion" without every single member of the "democracy" holding the same standards and values as every other person in the group. It's an ideal, but basically, there will always be people willing to spend more time and energy on a given project than others, and they will always emerge as the "leadership class." The problem there is that if those individuals are assholes. And the problem with this planet is that "the masses are asses." So too is the idea of saying that "anybody can edit Wikipedia." Yeah, as long as your concepts and ideas that you're trying to share are in line with the "democracy," otherwise it's just like any other situation where ideas may have truth to them, but if they're unpopular, they don't get any traction and you're back to square one. Wikipedia is simply the repository for what the mass consciousness deems to be true, but it's relationship to truth varies depending on the level of consciousness of the maintainers of that particular subject.

Comment Re:3D film with 2D morality (Score 1) 283

But what's the point then? I like your backstory, but where's the love, man? So often people think that violence is the only option. Basically that's why higher technology doesn't exist yet on this planet, because the natives are too stupid and backwards to think that if you have something of awesome power, it could be used to bless others with it, rather than exploit and destroy. Not that I'm calling you stupid and backwards, but there's always a better way, and I would venture to guess on planets that have higher technology, war and violence as a means of settling conflict has long since fallen into disrepute.

Comment I am 100% for the law (Score -1, Flamebait) 766

I am 100% for the law. Basically, homosexuals are people who need counseling and rehabilitation. Not, "Oh, it's OK, you can be gay, that bad society tells you your so hoo." WRONG! I'm not for being cruel to people who are confused in their gender, but I am ABSOLUTELY opposed to making homesexuality, trans-whatever normal. IT'S NOT NORMAL. It's confusion. I hope Carolina stands its ground. The hell with Bruce Springsteen.

Comment HeartBleeds (Score 1) 707

Dear Advertisers, I'm so sorry your tracking cookies aren't able to glean more data from me and my network so you can invade the privacy of me and my family more. My heart aches for you. I'm sorry your profits are down from 1.5 billion to 1.48 billion. Hard times, guys, but you'll get through. Oh yeah, tell those Syrian kids that they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Since most of them can't even afford food, they don't have much time to worry about adblock, so you should be able to get through to them, they'll be alright soon enough.

Comment Gay men simply aren't men (Score 1) 368

They're more like women, and shouldn't be regarded as men. If a man wants to have sex with another man, that's up to him, but I will never see him as a true man until he forsakes that behavior and "Mans Up." Look, if gay men or women want to be in relationships with each other, fine, but don't try to tell people it's normal. It's not normal, it's a severe imbalance in the psyche. Plain and simple. So I will never, ever, teach my children that it's OK to be gay. I've raised them to be balanced in their gender reality. Not so-called "roles." There's a reality to being and man and a woman, that popular culture will never eradicate.

Comment Re:nonsense (Score 1) 140

I agree that it's nonsense and that it's an arrogant deduction. But I think that the age of the universe is something that science has been too sure about. Science keeps discovering more and more that makes the universe, time, and space bigger and bigger and bigger. The staggering size of the universe as it's known now was unimaginable 100 years ago. Soon I believe we will be seeing further than the current 14 billion year "limit" with more powerful telescopes--notably the James Webb, but there will surely be more. Already science is discovering structures that are massive but somehow very young and trying to figure out how they could be possible without revising the "age of the universe" theory too much. Personally, I think the universe is trillions of years old, if not more.

Comment Nuclear Fission is Foolish Stupidity in Action (Score 1) 148

Whoops, I said it on Slashdot. What astounds me is the number of supposedly smart people who have their heads in the sand, and use the intellectual powers to rationalize away their profound fears that this Fukushima accident was a deadly mistake and is indicative of the stupidity of the whole idea that highly radioactive materials, and tons and tons of it, can be stored safely, indefinitely, and without any consequence to the health of the planet. You smart people sure are dumb

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