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Submission + - IPv6 as an implementation in an enterprise

Dave writes: "There is a general migration from IPv4 to IPv6 addressing. It is taking place in many businesses, and even the government. This migration, slowly but surely, is being fueled by an ever depleting supply of available IPv4 addresses, and business reasons and needs for the migration. But what is IPv6? What are the benefits of the technology? How would a business make the change from IPv4 to IPv6? Read the full overview: id=1&shownews=1384"

Submission + - Your Favorite Mobile Phone?

The Living Fractal writes: "I am in the market for a new mobile phone. With so many new phones coming out, which do you, the Slashdot readers, consider the best of them all? Are there phones yet to be released which someone looking to get a new phone should wait for? And finally, what are the pros and cons of smartphones/PDAs vs. simple "talk only" cell phones?"

Google Search Convicts Hacker 116

An anonymous reader writes "Google search terms have helped convict a wireless hacker. The queries the hacker performed were introduced into evidence at court, where Matthew Schuster was charged with disrupting his former employer's wireless network and imitating other users' MAC addresses to obtain access. From the article: 'Court documents are ambiguous and don't reveal how the FBI discovered his search terms. That could have happened in one of three ways: an analysis of his browser's history and cache; an Alpha employee monitoring the company's wireless connection; or a subpoena to Google from the police for search terms tied to his Internet address or cookie. Google has confirmed that it can provide search terms if given an Internet address or Web cookie, but has steadfastly refused to say how often such requests arrive.'


Venitio Ben Zanetar writes: " rl-Gets-Zune-PreLoaded-with-Porn/ 12 Year Old Girl Gets Zune Pre-Loaded with Porn By: César A. Berardini — "Cesar" Dec. 21st, 2006 2:25 pm Fox News reported last night that a couple from Chicago gave their 12-year-old daughter a Zune media player as a Christmas present but the device came with a whole lot more than an instruction manual... When Derrick Woods and Chanell Martin decided to surprise their 12-year-old daughter with a Microsoft Zune media player, they had no idea how big of a surprise they were in for. The gadget, they said, came preloaded with more than an hour of raunchy pornography. Considering the type of content that was pre-loaded with the device, it wasn't interesting at all for the little girl: "It was a homosexual orgy that they had video taped for an hour and 44 minutes," Chanell Martin told Fox News affiliate WFLD reporter Michelle Gielan. The couple said the Zune package appeared to have been "tampered with" and the Zune charger was missing. When they went to complain to the Wal-Mart store where they purchased the gift, the store manager blamed the situation on Microsoft. Now, Wal-Mart has issued a statement informing they are investigating the incident and will give a full refund plus a a $25 gift card. But the parents believe the damage has been caused already. "What do you tell a 12-year-old child that you have five men having sex with each other? That's not a conversation that I want to have," Martin said."

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