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Comment Try explaining that... (Score 5, Insightful) 136

... to your grandma that if she wants to receive text message on their new Android/Nokia/... phone, she needs to turn off iMessage in their iPhone BEFORE activating her new mobile. Or if she forgot to do it, she just have to access an obscure Apple web page to do it. Thanks Apple for SMS service hijacking!

Comment Nice but.. (Score 1) 114

Can Firefox (and Chrome!) add a descent support for HiDPI screen please?! On my laptop (Linux, QHD 3200x1800), those browsers are almost unusable. Yeah I know about the "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" configuration in Firefox but it's not perfect. Stop adding new features and back to basic : display web pages correctly on today monitors. Please! Thanks :)

Comment Re:A good sign (Score 1) 177

For the IDE switching issue, this is why I'm now trying to use almost exclusively one editor : Emacs (no flamewar please). It support almost any languages. Now I have an IDE configured the way I want it. I have almost the same behaviors/look & feel for any language I use. In bonus : org-mode ;)

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