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Comment Re:but its not obamas fault. (Score 1) 187

1) Sidwell Friends is a merit based entry program, meaning you have to test well and perform well in school to get in. Public Schools take anybody.
2) Sidwell Friends has had the children of President Nixon, President Clinton, and President Obama, which tells me their staff can handle working with increased security needs the children of the first family require.
3) The study this article refers to handled two very different student bodies, which was kind of the point.

Comment You'd think the lack of air would be a big clue. (Score 1) 267

"The human body may not be cut out for space."

While this is true, and the lack of air being a BIG clue that we are not 'cut out' for space, we are also not 'cut out' for moving at 60 MPH, hurdling through the air at a few hundred MPH, or enduring pressure that would turn us into a fine red paste. We comparatively routinely do these things with cars, planes, and submarines.

Comment Oh sure... (Score 1) 341

Of course it's more secure! The only way in left is the door!

Of course it's more secure! I also hear that DEATH is a great way to lose weight. Die, and the pounds just melt away!

Can we please have a serious suggestion other than changing your OS? This is like saying "That them thar wood house is no good. Better replace it all with brick."

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