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Comment Re:Solve problems on Earth first (Score 1) 261

You may be right. But evolution requires there to be selection pressure. Does such pressure exist today? Any human living in a Western democracy can have offspring without worry of the birth canal being too narrow; one or more members of the family being eaten by wolves; Diseases; I mean, the environment in which modern humans presently exist is just so radically different from that which nearly _ALL _ our ancestors evolved in. Maybe evolution is over!

Maybe you are imagining a future where selection pressure returns - the earth scorches and only those living off-planet survive. But those surviving humans will not have physical characteristics that are well-adapted to their new environment because there were not thousands of years of evolution to mold them.
They will simply have brains that contain the memes (thoughts, skills, behavior) that were needed to get them off-planet.
Personally, I cannot imagine a catastrophe on earth that would make ANY known place in the universe an improvement!

Comment Re:Solve problems on Earth first (Score 1) 261

Cute comment, but, it masks the reality - modern humans were molded by the force of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to be well adapted to tribal life here on Earth. Not only should we NOT leave earth, we should seriously re-consider the radical departure we've made in the last few hundred years from the tribal life 99% of our ancestors experienced to the bizarre un-reality we all experience as "normal" today.
I am becoming a conservative at the evolutionary-time scale.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 2) 154

Umm, the DJI phantom is a modern consumer level drone and makes extensive use of machine vision to avoid obstacles and receive gesture commands from the "pilot". Some claim that Iran spoofed US drone GPS a few years ago. I imagine current military drones are making extensive use of on-board optical sensors for things like horizon detection and target acquisition. Hell, with an accurate on-board clock, the aircraft could determine good-enough position using celestial bodies!
This tech is dirt-cheap by military standards. You can buy pitot-tube speed sensor for your hobby aircraft along with very accurate barometer for altitude. This microwave thing sounds pretty pathetic. Communication of any kind will be a "Nice to have" feature in military drones but, completely unnecessary thanks to modern machine vision.

Comment Re:This is not a good next step (Score 1) 63

GAH! I just wrote a long reply disagreeing with your assertion that wireless connection to PC is the future.
Then I changed from html to text option and it pissed away my response.
Anyway, check http://www.movidius.com/ Gyro-based positional detection is going away. It will switch to image-based. That is some graphics processing being done on the HMD. There will be "synergies" when the display processor is also moved onto the HMD. Got to shorten runs on the bus - just like in the good old days on a PC.
Having to be connected to a separate graphics processor is not the direction the industry is leaning towards and consumers will always prefer a simple HMD setup if it can get the job done - and it will, as incremental improvements continue to be made.
Note that we already have HMDs. Current usage of wireless transfers of HD video are limited to places where some latency is acceptable (drones) and where wires are not possible.

Comment Re:and before too long.. (Score 1) 400

I am not sure what country that image is from but, Those people are not living like rats! Notice the fishing nets and boats. They are "self-actualized". Also, they are a step up from the hunter/gatherers that most humans have been since we started walking the earth. Also note that "poverty" levels seems to be correlated with happiness : http://www.livescience.com/502... But, from a political perspective, I agree with you - we need to bring production local again.

Comment Re:and before too long.. (Score 1) 400

Those people are not living like rats! Those look like some pretty nice tents. I just bought a tent for my family and I and plan to use it in the woods. But Downtown Portland would be nice too as there are many more cultural events to see and better food than I could cook over the campfire. Not sure I could get the Wife and kids on board with urban camping but, that sounds like an awesome vacation to me!

Comment Re:so there you have it folks. (Score 1) 528

I notice you left out the part about GMOs: http://www.jill2016.com/plan "Label GMOs, and put a moratorium on GMOs and pesticides until they are proven safe." This is not smart thinking - it is reactionary fear-of-science ideology. I am an environmentalist but there is too much bleeding-heart, hippie baggage with Stein.

Comment Re:Self-driving doesn't change the need for insura (Score 1) 299

What makes you think you need home owners insurance? You don't! ...unless, that is, you do not own your home and it's the bank that is requiring you hold insurance.

Another example - I have tenants. They do not pay home insurance. They purchase a housing service from me. The bank is a lien holder on that property, so, they require I keep it insured. I could probably drop the insurance if I owned the property outright. OTOH, being a landlord does incur additional liability, so, I should probably keep my umbrella policy.

With self-driving cars, I do not plan to own one. I will rent the transportation service as needed and let someone else pay to insure it. Think Uber without the drivers.

A house only makes good financial sense if the value appreciates at a rate = or GT inflation. Cars depreciate quickly. It is very expensive to own one. You are going to see MUCH better value paying for transportation service on an ad-hoc basis because those rented vehicles will be well utilized rather than spending most of the time in your parking lot or garage depreciating.

Comment Re:The Cloud: 1, Users: 0 (Score 1) 432

You are the one that brought up firewall and authenticating to another companies servers. You were right to mention those because they are a crucial part of this discussion. How are you going to control your thermostat remotely without a connection (a secure one) ? " real estate agent keeping the keys to your house." is not a fair comparison. It is a tortured metaphor, designed to persuade. I am not persuaded.

Comment FAA should provide free/reduced cost beacons (Score 1) 165

FPV and drove aircraft operators love gadgets that help them with their flights such as GPS, antenna tracking functionality and on-screen displays. The FAA should provide free GPS-enabled beacons that would let the government track these aircraft in real-time. Hobbyists (myself included) would jump at free gear that would allow them to track lost aircraft (too late for my plane, I'm afraid!). FAA could throw in some special sauce like ability to remotely enable loiter mode, auto-land, perhaps fly predetermined routes (DIY Drones stuff has much of this capability already) I can live with having to obey the laws of the air at the expense of carrying some free gadgets on my aircraft.

Comment Re:Where to spend $200 billion (Score 1) 515

They do, but they don't have to. We have the technology today to form virtual trains that would cut the cost of fuel, even at high speeds, way down via drafting. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F... Add lane keeping, highly responsive cruise control, and some way to pay the guy in front that is burning all the fuel, and you have a system that is WAY more flexible than any mass-transit system along with similar efficiency benefits.

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