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Submission + - Bill to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency proposed ( 6

sandbagger writes: Rep. Gaetz, Matt (R-FL) has proposed a bill to shutter the Environmental Protection Agency. The GOP's complaints against the EPA are many including that it kills jobs, and has endorsed climate change, which, as a rule, the Republicans have dismissed as a hoax. Long term, the elimination of the EPA might also lead to a loss of American prestige as international benchmarks are ceded to other countries.

Submission + - Documentary —Hollywood's greatest trick: slave wages for special effects a (

sandbagger writes: The average hourly wage for an American visual effects artist is $30.76, according to May 2015 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But job stability is rare, and most visual effects artists are nomadic, moving around, working under contract for the length of a job, and living paycheque to paycheque, several former artists say. Once one job ends, the pressure to find another job begins. A 24-minute documentary looks at the issues.

Comment The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 4, Interesting) 334

Who'd have thunk it?

Uber's not special. If you want to open a lemonade stand you're free to do so. The second you start feeding people en masse then society has a right to make sure your kitchen is clean and you aren't accidentally poisoning people. They're transporting people in bulk, that means some oversight from a public safety perspective is warranted and that means everything that goes along with the rest of the economy including not lying to people about income.

The sharing economy will change things, but only so far. Is the medallion system we've used up until now for taxies ripe for reform? Sure! Why not have a sanity check to bring it into the 21st century. However, pretending the rest of the world, including vehicle inspections, truth in advertising laws and the like do not exist is not the sharing economy, it's being a dumbass.

Like Napster, this may only evolve into a different set of problems.

We'll see if taxis survive self-driving cars.

Comment Have they talked with network engineers? Once? (Score 1) 43

The internet, as designed, will treat this like damage to be routed around. Most people probably won't notice or at best will encounter temporary outages. Yes, of course people should get paid, however this is playing whack a mole and not coming to a practical economic solution.

How often do must we go over the same terrain. I guess, like masochists, they like it?

Comment If Apple stopped building macs for vegetarians... (Score 1) 156

Who apparently lack the upper body strength to lift a sheet of paper, we'd have more positive things to say about them other than pointing out that their machines have sacrificed every performance characteristic for weight. And that their tower, while it may be the best Mac Mini ever made, is not a substitute for an actual tower.

Don't blame the messenger.

Comment I don't mean to go all 'Papierin, mein herr,' but (Score 0) 627

Once there was a mayor from somewhere in the US that got his computer searched at the border and he was outraged. Turns out he also liked to video teens in strip poker games. There may be some reason to wait for additional facts in this story but...

Wasn't this the USA that was horrified in 1989 after the revelations in Eastern Europe of mass spying on citizens?

Comment This is apalling (Score 4, Interesting) 168

I was literally just researching some films in the discussion boards. When you're looking up obscure films, the decade and a half of expertise that is buried in the comments and stories that people have — often by family members and friends of the cast and crew— are invaluable. Also useful are the tangential comments and links that take you from one title to another via the comments.

It was often just good reading.

Let's not be dramatic. This is not the burning of the library of Alexandria, but it's a unique resource and as someone said above, there's nothing close to a replacement in site. And if there was, there'd be no reason to go to it because it doesn't link from anything, or to anything.

They could at least zip up the archives and post them to the torrents for posterity. On the basis of killing off the comments, in my estimation, they've cut out a huge reason for me to visit their site.

Comment Not making enough success (Score 1) 406

Not making enough can mean many things and given how CEO statements can have an impact on the stock market, call me suspicious but the statement is ambiguous. Were they unable to make enough because they were running three shifts at a factory designed to run two shifts? Or have they been scaling back production to meet lukewarm demands?

I have only met one person – not know —met one person who has an iWatch. I'm just a bit suspicious of these statements.

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