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Submission + - The fight to save the Australian digital archive Trove (abc.net.au)

sandbagger writes: A digital archive and research tool developed by the Australian National Archives may be the victim of upcoming budget cuts. Used by an estimated 70,000 users per day, the system may be eliminated thanks to a $20 Million (AUD) budget cut to the agency's budget. Since its 2009 launch, Trove has grown to house four million digitised items, including books, images, music, historic newspapers and maps. Critics of the cuts say that such systems should be considered national infrastructure because there's literally no replacement service. http://www.abc.net.au/news/201...

Comment A few things, (Score 1) 312

It's tempting to dismiss this as him being wrong by orders of magnitude and then talking down our noses at him by assuming we need to explain what an order of magnitude is, or that he's adopting this stance for transparent political reasons, but let's assume for the moment that he's telling the truth. What would he have to know for that statement to be true?

Have you all forgotten the Snowden revelations yet? How it became known that the US grabbed cell phone encryption standards before the ink was dry on them, how they tapped the lines between Google data centres. If the operational tools for creating for encryption are compromised or at least weakened, it may well be that they have visibility into source code in a lot of industries as well as communications, which is as good *if not better*.

Submission + - Game Developer Barbie (sfgate.com)

sandbagger writes: The Matell people have released a new Barbie doll figurine touted as Game Developer Barbie. Dressed in jeans and a T, she was apparently designed by a game developer. Do Slashdotters thing this will get their daughters to want to pull all nighters?

Submission + - Linked-In begins its Microsoft deathmarch (cnbc.com)

sandbagger writes: Linked In joined the on-line world in 2003, which makes it ancient as far as on-line services. Hate it, love it, or take it as a necessary evil in terms of publishing your resume when hunting for work, it was the last of the big independents from the era when iPods with monochrome screens were the hot thing. No longer. Its 100 million membership list has been gobbled up by Microsoft for $27 million. Given MS's spectacular failure to integrate other non-technical businesses it's bought, how successful do Slashdotters imagine this relationship will be?

Submission + - Women in biopharma decry booth babes in letter (biocentury.com)

sandbagger writes: A group of women in the pharma industry have signed an open letter asking that the practice of models at events be halted because it's demeaning women. Tech companies have gone through this in fits and starts for years and slid back despite promises.

Submission + - Abe Vigoda dead for sure this time (cnn.com)

sandbagger writes: Character actor Abe Vigoda, known in part for his role in the long-running police comedy Barney Miller, has died at 94. Reports of his death rocketed around the world a few years ago thanks to the internet but it seems pretty certain this time.

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