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Journal Journal: Mildly interesting 4

If I double-click in the space between two words in Firefox, X highlights both words. In an xterm and in Vim, it just highlights the space. In a properties dialog within Rythymbox, and in the Openoffice spreadsheet, whichever word is nearer the cursor gets highlighted.

Update: I've come to use this whenever I want two words in Firefox, which is pretty often. So now it's a feature.

The Military

Journal Journal: Syrian air defense network hacked?

Aviation Week and Space Technology says

The radar site was struck with a combination of electronic attack and precision bombs to allow the Israeli force to enter and exit Syrian airspace unobserved. Subsequently all of Syria's air-defense radar system went off the air for a period of time that encompassed the raid, U.S. intelligence analysts told Aviation Week.


The analysts don't believe that any part of Syria's electrical grid was shut down. They do contend that network penetration involved both remote air-to-ground electronic attack and penetration through computer-to-computer links.

"There also were some higher-level, non-tactical penetrations, either direct or as diversions and spoofs of the Syrian command and control capability, done through network attack," one U.S. intelligence specialist says.


Journal Journal: How to quit vi

A partial list
  • :q
  • :q!
  • Esc Esc Esc :q!
  • q Esc Esc Esc :q!
  • visual q Esc Esc Esc :q!
  • . visual q Esc Esc Esc :q!
  • as above, for each editing window or tab
  • click the terminal window closed
  • try xkill
  • open a new terminal window and kill the process
  • ssh in from another machine and kill the process
  • reboot the machine
  • pull the plug out of the wall
  • ...
  • fence and mark the machine, and abandon it
  • blow it in place

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