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Comment Wrong Example (Score 3, Interesting) 70

The article is wrong, both companies were doomed by hopelessly incompetant managers who either failed to see the coming end of film, or else saw it but failed to act (exercise for the student to decide which is worse.)

It didn't have to be like this, look at Fuji to see how a company could switch its main product and survive.

Pity, so many people lost jobs because of a few retarded managers at the top of their companies.

Comment Don't bet on it being so much more efficient (Score 2) 403

> It had better, since Atom currently provides about 1/4 of the power efficiency of the
> ARM processors that run IOS and Android devices.

Don't bet on it. The ARM design in itself is more efficient for sure, but Intel are frankly well ahead of anyone else in actual manufacture.

If they decide to build these with their Finfets and the latest node they have, then the gap between Intel Atoms and ARMs made at Samsung, TSMC or anyone else won't be so noticeable, unless that is that the Atoms actually pull ahead.

It will mean Intel using their latest high cost Fabs for Atoms though, rather than server or high end desktop chips.

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