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Comment How close is close? (Score 1) 179

People keep saying, "They really only make a difference up close." What is up close? In my media room the 55" 1080P TV is EXACLTY 8' 6" from my eyeballs when I am in the couch. Would I see a difference upgrading to a 4k, curved TV? Yes, I know I would see the 4k. I am wondering about the curve, at the distance.

Comment Re:Mac sales lead to other sales (Score 2) 230

This right here.

Look at my username. LOOK AT IT.

I was a Mac-only guy back in the late 90's. I had a subscription to MacAddict magazine for several years. My first computer was a beige G3/300 running MacOS 8.1. I eventually upgraded that box to 224MB of RAM and added a Voodoo3 3000 card (with the firmware flashed for the Mac).

I hated Windows and everything it stood for. But I started using white-box hardware running Windows when I wanted to make Unreal Tournament maps in 2002.

When I got over that phase (in 2005 or so), I started running Linux. But it was annoying and limiting and didn't play any good games. So I went back to Windows.

Not too long after that, I switched from being a primarily PHP/Java developer to a .Net/C# developer. This was around the 2007 to 2008 time-frame, so a good, solid, paying job was nothing to scoff at just for requiring the use of Microsoft software. As I began to learn more about .Net, I found that it's the "it just works" of software development ecosystems. When Windows 7 came along, I jumped on it. Windows 8.1 was good on a tablet. Windows 10 has been just fine. And through it all, .Net has been great. I've made a comfortable living for most of the last decade doing .Net development.

Sure, I kept buying Macs up until about 2007 or so. I had an iPhone (original model) for a while. But Apple's shit just gets on my nerves. Over and over they promised things that never happened. They produced shiny hardware that never performed. They kept nerfing the software. And when OSX 10.5 came out and replaced the normal IP firewall with an application firewall, I knew it was over. I haven't bothered with a new Mac since. I have actively pushed people away from Apple products. When people ask for help with esoteric Apple issues, I tell them "I don't know anything about Apple products", which, funny enough, is what I used to say about Windows.

So I've been there, and I've done that. Your journey away from Apple is just beginning. Mine has finished, and I have no regrets about it. And Apple should take it to heart if they want to survive.

Comment Are they altering individual haploid cells, then? (Score 1) 125

If the eggs of a human female are all produced before the female is even born, won't they already contain all the original mitochondria they will ever contain, and further altering of mitochondria elsewhere in the woman's body will do absolutely nothing to the "future generations?" I don't remember any process by which mitochondria are passed through the cell membrane.

Unless TFA already addressed that. Not like I actually read it.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter. (Score 2, Informative) 80

Windows is far superior to Mac OS X. So is Linux.

Having been a user of all three, and a developer on all three, systems for many years, I actually know what I'm talking about.

I would readily recommend Windows workstations and, for some tasks, servers. I would readily recommend Linux for servers. I have written software for both. I would not recommend Macs for anything, as the hardware is unimpressive and not different from anything any other PC manufacturer makes, and the software is stifling and foam-padded so as not to be "unfriendly". Personally, I find that exact quality to be rather unfriendly in and of itself.

So if you need a Fisher-Price computer, and you feel you need to pay double the market rate for it, by all means, buy an Apple. And don't be too sad when your "new" computer is poorly supported, gets cut off from necessary updates, and bogs down under the "burden" of minor software updates over the course of the next two years. Everyone who has ever bought a Mac certainly understands your pain.

I used to be a fanboi like you, and if you don't believe me, check my username.

Comment Unlike Christianity.... (Score 1) 965

In which since some believe in creationism, some don't like abortion under any circumstance, some get worked up over a coffee cup color, and some are anti-gay, but we always lump all of them together, anyway. Ok to generalize Christians, wrong to generalize Muslims. Thems the rules.

I'm not even a christian and I recognize that bit of cognitive dissonance in society.

Comment Re:Transparency in Government is good! (Score 2) 334

Incorrect. They did have an open discussion; I watched parts of it. However, it appeared GOP had already decided before the meeting that they wanted to kill ACA rather than shape it. Because of that, the "discussion" quickly morphed into the usual culture-war lectures and slogans rather than bill details.

I remember trying to talk about the Obamacare legislation, before it passed. I would say something to the effect of, "I have a concern about the concept of X, and how it will be put into practice." The typical response to me would be, "Well, you're just racist, then." And that would end the conversation.

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