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Comment Not unless the first headline is *news* (Score 1) 167

NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s.

This is a topic many of us love to read about, but it is just not news, it was at the top of Infobitt. News is something that when your spouse waves you to the TV to see something huge your able to give more backstory than Wolf Blitzer. News is something that gets you to shout "HEY O M F G". News unfortunately bleeds. News is, well new. Seems unlikely to be generated by casual social media chat.

Comment Wrong OS? (Score 1) 119

Was anyone ever able to compromise a correctly configured VMS box? Has anyone broken strong well configured public key encryption? Security is not a big secret, not easy, but good, effective practices are not unknown. So is the question "how do we keep script kiddies off our sharepoint site installed by a neophyte sysadmin"? Really the only valid response is a well quoted "*sigh*".

Comment Don't be silly, it's just code (Score 1) 772

Getting proficient in anything is hard work, but age is only one factor. If you need to make a choice look at all the factors. Research areas you have domain knowledge, what open source applications are used in that area and what languages are those apps written? Leverage everything. What's the dominate languages in your geographic area, python, c#?

Comment Season tickets to the Ballet (Score 1) 1354

Not many women will turn up their nose at a night out at the ballet. Learn a bit about the show and the history of the group and composer - stuff to chat about at dinner before the show.

You don't need to claim to be a fan, say your sister gave you the tickets, whatever. Just go up to any girl you're on a first name basis and is not attached and say, 'I have tickets to "name of ballet" friday, would you like to go?'

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