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Comment Re:Still slower than iphone 7 (Score 0) 81

So provide some alternate data. It looks like in all benchmarks I can find that compare the two, the iPhone comes out in anything from a tie to a significant advantage, except for one. If you run the benchmarks in parallel with the exact number of cores the S8 has, it eeks out a win. So near as I can tell, its the Samsung that can only win in a highly contrived scenario.

And this was last year's iPhone.

This is a very fast phone for an Android, though. If that is your world and basis of comparison, this speed bump will probably be significant. If you're already used to an iPhone, this one will start to get you close to last year's model, so isn't really going to satisfy you.

Comment Re:There is more to this story... (Score 0) 397

Ignoring the reason for the split, this quote from RMS seems really weird: "That was her decision to make. She also asserted that Libreboot was no longer a GNU package -- something she could not unilaterally do."

This confuses me. Wasn't she and her team the original developers before it was part of GNU? Didn't they thus own the Copyright and "Libreboot" trademark? Why on Earth would GNU have any say in it whatsoever?

Comment Re:I'm sad at Nintendo for not trying hard (Score 2) 70

Nintendo could also make a standardized Apple Gamepad if they ported their games with it, then everyone would adopt the standard!

Apple introduced this over three years ago, called MFi controllers. You can go to an Apple Store today and chose a wrap-around controller for a phone, or a separate bluetooth controller for a phone, iPad, or Apple TV. From a few manufacturers.

Comment Re:It's always cost (Score 1) 274

A 3d scanner as well might have been able to enable reproducing the part from scanning its broken pieces

Not with current technology. I have two different 3d scanners and what you end up with is a "blobby" version of the object that also has any tight corners, occluded areas, or holes very distorted. It's nice for larger objects but precise parts are way beyond home-grade 3d scanners today, and many parts are just physically incompatible with being scanned in that way.

Comment Re:Nice to see we'll be in better hands (Score 1) 314

Democrats have not only recently rediscovered the virtues of limit government, but also the virtues of following rules?

Well, it's frustrating since the email issue is literally the only thing that lost her the election. And it was intended to increase security, was never hacked, and was a step above the activities of her predecessors. Now we have Trump's man intentionally giving out secret information, setting up open network connections in secure facilities, and doing all this in an operational military environment, but meh. At least we kept the woman out of the White House amirite?

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 657

Nope. Just racist, misogynistic, hateful messages. Go discuss small government, interventionist vs isolationist policies, or financial policy all you want. But if you're going to spend the millions you got from a product I supported on turning political debate into 4chan, I'm going to stop supporting that product.

Comment Re:"Conspiracy theory" (Score 5, Informative) 251

I'm afraid none of that addresses the suspicious way in which these buildings collapsed. That's why anti-conspiracy theorists are often even worse. They extrapolate their own ideas out of it so they can have a comfort blanket to hold on to and stop looking at what is in front of them.

The buildings collapsed exactly how you'd expect a building with strong center and shell supports would collapse, thus there's not much to explain there. Fuel heats cross-beams, steel loses half its strength at those temperatures and they bend in the center, one floor falls down to the next and cascades. The outer shell and inner shell hold it all together as its going down. Every single thing that happened to all three buildings and the field in PA is easily explained by physics, and doesn't need the conspiracy. Nothing that happened that day is "comforting," and insulting people doesn't help your case.

Comment Re:Why is it troubling? (Score 0) 499

Someone didn't actually read the article, let alone the study, I guess.

Lerner dug into her data and came up with her own guess for the cause of the surprising results: women were leaving the platform after having one or two bad interviews. In other words, women, feeling discouraged, seemed to be just giving up on interviewing altogether. “Once you factor out interview data from both men and women who quit after one or two bad interviews,” she writes, “the disparity goes away entirely.”

In this light, your reply I think highlights the problem, not the reason. Your attitude, and those of the ones who marked you "Insightful" (when you obviously weren't very), are probably the reason women are more likely to just give up.

Comment Re:Don't do it (Score 1) 180

Agreed, never do this. We had a problem with our cable company in the 90's (before online bill pay) who kept claiming our checks arrived late and billing us late fees. So we set up automatic bank deduction. The next month, they deducted the amount 3 days late WITH the late fee! They were pretty much caught in the act, but they just refunded the late fee and we dropped it...

Comment Re:Prototype as far as I can see (Score 1) 81

This is all very interesting. However, there is no indication of when the sticks will become generally available. Their website indicates that they intend to create 1000 sticks shortly for use by selected customers. It is difficult to know how real this is, actually.

Wouldn't be surprised if this is a "please buy us out!" advertisement-product. I could see Apple buying them and integrating their chip into the next A-series processor to do client-side Siri among other things.

Comment Re: The longer you wait... (Score 3, Interesting) 176

Yes, keyboard controls are problematic. Yes, it's possible to type with your eyes closed, but if your hands lose the keyboard entirely it really brings you out of the experience to find it again and reposition. And many times the movement keys are not necessarily on the "home row" so you end up hunting around a bit. Plus, oftentimes the experiences work better if you're a bit back from your desk with some space to lean forward or shift a bit. Keyboards really detract from the experience.

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