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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Steam Client for Mac Arrives with Free Portal Game (

roh2cool writes: Finally, Valve has released first Steam for Mac client. Mac users also get ‘free to play’ Portal game and a library of 63 games for the Mac platform. Apple Mac OS X users can download the client for free from this link. Steam is a popular game service and an online games store available through the client itself. Valve was testing Steam for Mac client in beta since a while.

Submission + - Indian outsourcing firm using jail as data centre ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: An Indian outsourcing firm is to run one of its data handling centres in a local prison as part of a new public/private partnership. Radiant Info Systems has come to a deal with the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to hire 200 inmates of a state jail to work on data entry, and the processing and transmitting of information. The goal? To ensure a "good future" for the inmates after they are released from prison. The outsourcing centre will handle banking information 24 hours a day using a shift system. Inmates will be paid $2.20 a day, compared to 33 cents a day for other work. The prison was chosen because it has almost 40 per cent of inmates classified as educated. The area also has good IT infrastructure.

Submission + - Court grants RIAA Sum Judg Motions vs Limewire ( 1

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: District Court Judge Kimba Wood has granted some of the RIAA's key summary judgment motions in Arista Records v Lime Group. In her 59-page decision (PDF) she found Lime Group itself, as well as its CEO and a separate company, liable for intentionally inducing Limewire users to infringe plaintiffs' copyrights. The decision was not a final judgment, so it is not appealable. Additionally, it denied summary judgment on certain issues, and did not address any possible damages.

Submission + - Exam board deletes C and PHP from CompSci A-levels (

VitaminB52 writes: A-level computer science students will no longer be taught C, C# or PHP from next year following a decision to withdraw the languages by the largest UK exam board.
Schools teaching the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance's (AQA) COMP1 syllabus have been asked to use one of its other approved languages — Java, Pascal/Delphi, Python 2.6, Python 3.1, Visual Basic 6 and VB.Net 2008. Pascal/Delphi is "highly recommended" by the exam board because it is stable and was designed to teach programming and problem solving.

Comment Start with Verilog (Score 1) 3

When I started learning FPGA design, I first learned VHDL. I liked the language and used it exclusively in my designs... until I found about Verilog. Verilog made more sens for me because of my C programming background. But I also benefited from my experience with VHDL.

I think that you should learn Verilog and VHDL but start with Verilog. Verilog is less verbose and easier to grasp than VHDL. In addition to that, Verilog is very used in industry (in the US and major European countries) while VHDL is particularly popular in the academic circles.

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