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Comment Doomed (Score 1) 170

The idea of Kickstarter is great, unfortunately I don't think its going to work as you might imagine. Here is what I can tell so far: 1. Information and media for games is cherry picked for maximum donations, often leaving out important information like the engine being used and the limitations of the developer and the engine. (For example try to imagine building World of Warcraft in the Source engine) 2. Anyone who pays more then the average game cost and is then very disappointed by the game will likely never do it again. Judging by a lot of the video game projects I think this is guaranteed to happen. Even with Electronic Arts we have some sort of standard because of QA staff and managers etc. 3. A lot of the projects are clearly money driven, There are game developers allowing a single customer to change certain things the game if you donate a certain amount. Its going to get to a point where people will lose interest and pay or pirate the game when its released. 99% of games can be built to a small scale exactly how the developer wants it, they can then use that game to fund the game to the scale they want. People donating money to developers with little or no history is asking for trouble.

Comment It has potential (Score 1) 241

The engine has had a lot of work done to it and the 3D cockpits are very nice. The main issue is currently its a flight simulator with the features of an arcade plane game, if you free flight in a plane there are no features to use to navigate, just your basic plane controls and your eyes. This is understandable as the BETA seems to focus on missions. Assuming they add all the features FSX has, I don't mind buying the airline jets and my country. I have a feeling I might be disappointed though.

Comment This is Crytek/EA's fault and their fault only (Score 1) 383

If you don't want your game to be heavily pirated there are two sets of rules you have to follow so your company isn't responsible. 1. Secure your company and game so you don't leak the entire game to the Internet 2. Encrypt the game or put a release date check to prevent it getting released before the release date. Any company who doesn't do this can't complain about piracy. A huge reason why sales are so good for preorders on Steam are because gamers want their game before anyone else. Steamworks means that gamers who pay get to play it first, and pirates can often be waiting for a long time or have lots of problems.

Comment This is just a huge exaggeration (Score 1) 401

Think of it like this. Computers crash all the time, people lose all their data, not just their emails. Many company based email clients and other email services have very poor uptime. When you calculate it, its just the 99.9% uptime with the 0.1% of downtime being 0.08% of customers can't access old emails for a short period of time, I could understand this story if they weren't getting their emails back, but they are. Besides the few minority that sync to the cloud while backing up to Tape/HDD/DVD there isn't a better place for the average person to store their email then Gmail. The amount of times I used to hear about someone losing all their emails because they went on holiday and never logged into Hotmail......

Comment Why online downloads don't matter (Score 1) 375

I use Grooveshark etc to listen to my music. But lets just say they managed to remove all traces of online music. Thats not going to make me go out and buy music, its simply going to make me hook up my digital radio and record and catalogue the music I like into mp3's. Besides making it easy for everyone to buy the songs they want online (which imo is still too difficult), there is nothing they can do.

Comment thats great but.... (Score 2, Insightful) 352

Its great Firefox are working on certain areas of speed but they seem to always do it in the wrong areas or more to the point that their browser is built on top of a slow memory leaking turd. I run a computer with a E2200 on win7 at work. Firefox is sluggish, I've even tried the latest beta and its still slow. Chrome is very fast somehow and so none of these tests are that relevant to me. I haven't liked Firefox since version 2.

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