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LimeWire's FOSS too. It's also a popular program, and other viruses out there have been known to piggyback on it. LimeWire certainly doesn't download anything without the user's permission. If you're concerned, just build it from the source (available at

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The article didn't mention it, but LW5 doesn't let the user share or download programs unless he/she explicitly allows it (by changing some scary looking settings). So virus complaints with LimeWire should go way down.

Social Networks

Submission + - LimeWire Brings Darknets to All (

An anonymous reader writes: LimeWire's new version lets people create private darknets with contacts on any Jabber server (like GMail or LiveJournal). It's different than the recent p2p darknet announcement because it doesn't use onion routing. Sharing with a friend connects directly to that friend. Wired and CNET have some reviews of it. If you're worried about exposing personal information, LW5 doesn't share documents with the p2p network by default.

Submission + - White House ditches YouTube (

An anonymous reader writes: Responding to complaints by privacy activists, the White House has quietly abandoned YouTube as the provider of the embedded videos on the president's official home page. With the release of the latest weekly video address, the White House has shifted to a Flash-based video solution using Akamai's content delivery network. The White House's decision to move away from the Google-owned video-sharing site will likely be met with praise by privacy activists and could mark the beginning of a real backlash in response to Google's insatiable thirst for detailed data on the browsing habits of Web surfers. Ironically, the decision by the White House comes days after YouTube began to roll out its own new policies to better protect the privacy of visitors who view videos embedded into federal government Web sites. The move by YouTube may prove to be too little, too late.

Submission + - SPAM: Obama Proposes Spectrum License Fee

narramissic writes: "In the budget blueprint for 2009 that President Obama released Thursday is buried a new and undefined spectrum license user fee that would increase from $50 million in 2009 to $550 million four years later. The new fee, which takes up one line on page 126 of the budget blueprint, may not be, as some have speculated, a fee on wireless voice and data spectrum, but on spectrum used by U.S. radio and television stations. 'A similar fee, proposed but not enacted in past federal budgets, has not been for wireless spectrum that companies have purchased in auctions from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, but on TV and radio spectrum that's been allocated to broadcasters, said a government source familiar with past FCC budgets.'"
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