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Comment Re:Take the PCIe logo off the box (Score 1) 157

Um, they fixed it with new drivers, in the default configuration you'll either get current drivers or if you choose to install old drivers from media you'll be prompted to upgrade very quickly if not at install time (I know current NVidia installers check for updates from the web at install time).

Comment Re:I agree down with the DMCA (Score 2) 288

Their problem is more likely related to all those people loading up high resolution copies of an artists entire album, then labeling it with "I do not own this content, I am putting it here for educational purposes only".

Uh, Youtube already has a mechanism to stop that activity, it's called content ID and the labels can either block the upload or monetize it, most are choosing to monetize as it's free revenue from their perspective. The artists are complaining that they aren't being compensated because those views don't count as a song or album sale, but that's a contract issue between them and the label, not some fault of the DMCA.

Comment Re:NEW IS BAD (Score 1) 265

Economists just throw in a fudge factor that is likely to loosely model such details, risk adjusted cost of capital. At my previous job whenever we were evaluating a property for purchase we ran multiple models that included good, average, and bad economic conditions over the term of the loan and at the conclusion of the initial loan and used those numbers to figure out the risk adjusted average return.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 202

does not get you on a government watch list,

Who cares about being on a watch list? I've been on them since the early 1990's, being interested in explosives and cryptography tends to lead that way. Hasn't kept me from working for a defense contractor or one of the largest law firms in the country. As long as I avoid doing anything overtly illegal there's nothing they can really do except come and talk to me and file a report which might or might not get brought up during a security interview (my first one did have a mention of it since my most recent visit from the FBI had been fairly close in time to the interview, subsequent ones it hasn't even come up). In case you haven't been paying attention the other thing that used to come with being on a watchlist (increased monitoring and scrutiny) has applied to everyone in the country since technology made it cheap enough for them to do so a file in a filesystem or entry in a database is really the only difference, big deal.

Comment Re:When I was a kid... (Score 1) 324

Just turn the blower fan to on, in the upper midwest your ground temp is probably in the upper 50's or low 60's so you get nearly free cooling just by running the circulation fan for your HVAC system. Yesterday the living room was at 76 and rising, two 20" box fans in opposing windows and it dropped to 72 in about 30 minutes despite the fact that I was gaining major solar energy through the large (12') picture window.

Comment Re:Are we getting more RAM to go with these sucker (Score 1) 51

There was no need to go to 64bit for additional ram anyways, ARMv7 supports a 40bit PAE which supports up to 1TB of ram.

The primary advantage of AArch64 is that it more than doubles the number of GP registers and the new SIMD instructions that leverage the larger registers.

Comment Re:Are we getting more RAM to go with these sucker (Score 1) 51

Moto G4 Plus is $300 and comes with 4GB ram and 64GB of flash (plus SD card support!), the regular G4 is going to be ~$200 and 2GB of ram so I'd say they're coming and much sooner than this processor (released already in certain markets, coming to the US soon). The G4 also has a 5.5" 1080P screen so there's plenty of room to come in even cheaper by using a smaller and/or lower resolution screen.

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