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Comment Another UK disaster unfolds (Score 1) 222

Step 1 Fall for sales pitch from "big software outfit".

Step 2 Sack all human workers.

Step 3 Spend the following years sitting in Commons Select Committees explaining why the software couldn't possibly have foreseen the people that got in or that they would do what they subsequently did.

Step 4 Explain to indignant journalists why it is that Mr and Mrs Smith, born in the UK and resident there for 50 years, have been refused re-entry because "they fit the profile for troublemakers", whilst several dozen people, all claiming to be called Mohammed Khan, sail through unchallenged.

Comment Politispeak (Score 1) 125

The UK Government is proud to present Omnishambles v1.0
Years of underfunding, lack of training and a truly bizarre employment policy, coupled with the repeated use of IT support companies with records for incompetence and failure as long as your arm, have finally paid off.
There is nothing, literally nothing, that the UK Government can do without the result being a massive, over budget, cock-up.

Comment Re:Alternatives (Score 1) 963

I see. I get it.
I try to point out a place where there's more knowledge than on average, certainly more than you'll find in the NYT. And for this I'm modded as a troll. What sort of community is this? Dickheads, sneerers and know-it-alls.

As the saying goes - there's none so blind as them that will not see.

Comment Heroin substitute. (Score 1) 385

Here in the UK Methadone has been used as a heroin substitute for some years. It's considered to be more addictive than heroin but of predictable quality and supply, hence its use.
The glaringly obvious solution of the State control and supply of heroin to addicts is apparently beyond those who make such decisions. Far better to throw money up the wall buying a substitute and then pretend you're handing out medicine.

Comment Re:Hurray! (Score 1) 680

Society isn't going to pay and reward them to exercise that right.

Or put another way - any kind of dissent, disobedience or refusal to obey will be used as an excuse to deny welfare - thus breaking the basic contract between state and individual and under which taxes are collected.
This is not a good precedent.

Comment Re:" close workers came to averting...." (Score 1) 259

Yet there were reports in the months afterwards that Fukushima was as much as ten times worse than Chernobyl.
Radioactivity and "hot particles" from there have been found on the opposite side of the world.
And in Fukushima, still the reactions go on unstopped.

(I am not a nuclear scientists, so merely report what I've heard).

Comment Mindset (Score 1) 798

It seems Mr Shuttleworth has become infected with the Corporate "agree with us or you're stupid" mindset.

Personally, Unity is a mess. It's not the bugs, they're sortable. It's the abandoning of 20 years of accepted UI standards just to satisfy some delusional idea that Ubuntu can become OSX.
Add to that Mr Bacon and Mr Shuttleworth doing the rounds online, patronising and insulting anyone who disagrees with them. Apparently, they hid some of the controls in order to stimulate people's exploration because apparently we don't explore enough. When you get to that level of patronising nonsense it's time to check into the Bill Gates Clinic for the Terminally Delusional.
Killed Ubuntu stone dead for me (and I'd used every version since the first Beta and was recommending it to anyone who asked).

No matter. There are plenty of alternatives. Fusion Linux is a fine "works out of the box" Fedora based distro and it still uses Gnome 2.3. There are others. Mint etc.

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