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Comment Re:Disabling features based on location e.g. Cinem (Score 1) 221

Locale has been available for Android since before Android was released: http://www.twofortyfouram.com/ It's flashy and plugin based now - so any range of conditions can put your phone in any range of states. But initially, it was mostly about turning your ringer off when you went to the movies.

Comment Re:At last... (Score 1) 93

One member of a party supporting something does not imply the party supports it. The Greens Party do not support internet censorship, some of the members do - even with strong minor parties like we have in Australia it is impossible to align yourself entirely with the party's standpoint. A more controversial issue would demonstrate this; Say, same-sex marriage, Federal Labor do not support same-sex marriage, but individual members do. I am a member of the Greens (as in, attend meetings, pay membership, vote on policy) - but are not particularly in favour of much of their hard-line environmental policy, (I am, what is referred to as a Water-Mellon Green) that does not mean the party do not support these things, just myself.

Comment Re:Ah! Now I get it! (Score 1) 531

To be fair, you should compare it to a PSP or DS. In which case the CPU is fine, but the device is bulky, and has a very limited scope in the ways you can interact with a game. At best it's a mediocre board game platform, any game that requires any form of privacy (scrabble is a good example) is solved by adding extra devices. You could network them, but really, the point of board games is to be social, any get-together where people say "hey let's play monopoly" and everyone just pulls out their iPad finds a seat and starts clicking away is not a success.

Comment Re:Wait a second.... (Score 1) 405

As a "modern" vinyl collector, it's not as stupid as you suggest - my vinyl is purchased purely as a collection, the convenience of digital can't be beat but it's nice to own something that isn't cheap and nasty like a CD. Yes there's a digital add-on - most records these days come with download vouchers for digital versions of the music - although notably, I've never encountered one from iTunes (thank teapot).

Will Tabbed Windows Be the Next Big Thing? 528

kai_hiwatari writes "The recently released KDE SC 4.4 Beta 1 has introduced tabbed windows as a new feature. It is now possible to tab together windows from different applications. This looks like it will be a very good productivity tool. Like the tabbed browsers, this may well end up as a feature in all desktop environments in the years ahead."

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