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Comment Not optional (Score 0) 307

It's there, install 10.04 and run Update Manager along with checking for the lastest updates. Do not allow it to update while it installs. I don't remember if it asks to download updates during installation. But you'll see the unattended updates package in the upgrades. The only two packages that need upgrades are kernel and firefox. This crap is out of hand.

Comment samzenpus : Face it, you're a facist (Score -1) 1880

Fascists seek to rejuvenate their nation based on commitment to the national community as an organic entity, in which individuals are bound together in national identity by supra-personal connections of ancestry, culture, and blood. (wikipedia)

You have a group: Linux, that you want everyone to belong to because a certain part of your brain feels pleasant when using Linux. Now you feel you want more individuals to have this same feeling. Unfortunately, not everyone has that same feeling when using the product: Linux.

Internet, music, games and work are the reasons people use computers. But how well Linux handles these criteria is the problem. It's publicly known that the people developing Linux know there are issues with performance, drivers and usability in general. But they keep changing things, GNOME 3 / KDE 4 / UNITY.... That's what keeps me from switching.

1. Learn new system

2. Work
3 Learn newest system
5. Learn latest system
6. Work

It's a monotonous series of events. If you don't upgrade to the latest the new wireless key won't work you purchased.....


Comment whats' next product keys and activations (Score 0) 548

So what is next product keys and activations? When I choose to opt-out of PopCorn on Debian installs it ends up installing it anyway as if I will decide in the future to opt-in. This is why I like Slackware. No opt-in to anything. No annoying update manager eating up system resources to finally pop up and tell me I'll have to manually check for updates. Pinging Canonical sucks.

Comment Have you noticed the hardware they sell? (Score 0) 473

Their servers come with a 10 year old video card chipset, the Matrox G200. Ubuntu would more than run on their hi-end desktops. They have chosen their low-end model PC so that if there are problems they can minimize the cost of a failure to move units. Nobody can seriously keep up with Microsoft's licensing. The situation is just coming to a head. I personally predict Microsoft will fold in the next 3 years. It's just a matter of the old guard retiring. If Mark Shuttleworth and the Canonical team can hold on a few more months things will turn around. Companies are hurting and don't have the money to push into server licenses such as with the monstrous requirements of Sharepoint, CRM, or even Microsoft's Cloud solutions. So when the chips fall into the right places open-source will excel ahead. Also John Titor told us Microsoft won't matter in a few years.

Comment What no release version of KOffice (Score -1, Troll) 155

What really pissed me off with 13 was that Koffice was a freaking beta. Stable my ass. No spell check capabilities. Which shows Pat don't even use his own product. He's probably using Windows 7. I read somewhere in an interview he used XP.... Nothing new, Deb' Ian uses a Mac. Red Fedora Bob forgot his name, uses a Mac. Linus is probably using Windows. It wouldn't at all surprise me these guys doing the kernel development do so in VirtualBox. 10.2 was the last solid release of Slackware.

Comment Dinosaur book (Score 0) 742

You can get the basics of an operating system from the Dinosaur book. The you use deduction and figure out what files hold the piece you are learning. You don't start by just trying to encompass the entirety of the kernel. You just say that one day you are going to learn how the scheduler works. You start perusing the code. Make some logical assumptions and move to a different file. You write down in your notes which files hold what purpose. Eventually you'll have a general idea of how it all fits together.

I doubt any of the developers know everything about every subsystem. Not even Linus can possibly keep up with everything. I maintain a pretty complex application at my job. So many people have added to it that when it breaks it takes me a day to just go through and understand the logic. If I get tasked to another application developed by others then it will take me almost a week to move through the logic of the application before I can truly determine the problems. I can in fact make some assumptions but they are only opinions from experience.

Comment Senial old farts (Score 0) 742

Colleges have always looked for an easier way to teach basic computer science to individuals. You can teach data structures in python, visual basic or any other language. The reason they wait to teach C++ later is that you have to get the basis down for the ideas behind the languages. This is a simple rule to life in any area of study. "You build a simple model of a complex idea." "You break down a complex problem into simple pieces." C++ has too much overhead to begin with. Students get stuck in the language and not the idea.

I like to refer to novice developers as Harry Potters. They learn a new technique and have to cast that spell in every situation. Take the Virtual function for instances, you don't really need it. Just somebody got the idea that it's great to enforce prototyping. Which brings up my current problems with my workplace. You'll get the experts who are really just novices trying to cast every spell in the C# discipline. Most the time because Microsoft has enforced the use of their magic incantations.

Colleges hardly teach a student what he will need for the working career. I'd say 83% of the jobs at the moment are ASP.NET/C#. 15% are JSP. 2% are Linux related. If you are a student then you had better be learning C# if you want to make a living and have a job upon graduation. GET A COOP JOB BEFORE YOU GRADUATE. That way you have experience upon graduation. I know many graduates that probably think just because they got their degree and certification that they are cadidates for a job. Truth is there is a whole science behind project management you only learn upon working.

The only Real linux jobs I can think would be tuned for the young people right now are Android developement. 25$ start up fee and you don't even have to own a fone. Sprint also offers something similar. Free SDK. Back to the subject, #1 reason nobody is interested in Linus development is that Ubuntu works well enough at the moment people figure there is no need. That and everbody is playing too much Xbox. Microsoft is giving away all their goodies.

The Zen version of Linux is the way ahead. They include patches normally passed over such as the Brain F### Scheduler (BFS).

Comment Unix will hardly run on newer hardware (Score 0) 531

You will need an Internet connection to begin with. That should add on $50. You can basically buy a new computer for $200 at Walmart with Windows 7 on it. It'll play 3D games, DVD's, and word process. Why the hell do we keep pussy footing around with :
Here's the new distribution of Bob. You'll have to enable DVD support by adding the necessary repositories.
Codecs need to have this respository. Alt+F2 and paste this line from the mediabuntu website.
apt-get this, apt-get that. Oh use Ubuntu Mint if you want all this already installed.
Sorry about the ads and begging money but you know how it is.
I think Astrumi Linux comes with propritary drivers. Ubuntu may have at one time. Get some balls distributions.

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