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Submission + - 3D Web solutions - the next big thing?

salarelv writes: "The are new 3D Web engines coming up like mushrooms after a warm rain. We have also heard that Google's Lively is now and that Microsoft wants to get the big chunk of the market again by making an "everything simulator". When it comes to interactive web there has always been mentioned Flash but Flash 10 isn't really a 3D engine as it hasn't got a hardware acceleration and you have to include a third party API like Papervision for showing the usual 3D models. Now and then I encounter stupid comments like "why don't You use VRML" and I have to reply that VRML is dead for a long time. Of course there are smaller players like: 3DMLW, Virtools, WireFusion, Vivaty and VastPark. My question is whether it is possible for an OpenSource platform like 3DMLW to survive in this kind of environment or not? We are trying to do things in a different way than others — giving the developer a similar approach like in HTML+JavaScript development chain. We also have a free beta stage editor called Quantum Hog and the player for MacOS is coming soon. We don't want to be a hyped Virtual Reality chat room but a solid development platform for any kind of cost-effective 3D applications."

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