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Comment Re:How would it work? (Score 1) 324

unless you also have software on the PC

Agreed. How about ADVAPI.DLL ? ( ) Now all you need to do is get hardware manufactures to include the necessary wireless hardware somewhere (say in a USB hub chip or wifi chip) and of course given that the drivers for these are binary blobs (it's the MOST secure way sir! (I'm joking)) who knows what code the NSA has asked them include in that driver ? (NSA talking to NEC (or some other chip fab): Include our binary blob in you binary blob or we will fuck you up m'kay ?) Now how do you feel about running your 'binary blob' driver in linux ?

Submission + - Xerox photocopiers randomly alter numbers (

sal_park writes: According to a report from German computer scientist D. Kriesel, some Xerox WorkCentre copiers and scanners may alter numbers that appear in scanned documents. Having analyzed the output of two such devices, the Xerox WorkCentre 7535 and 7556, Kriesel found that âoepatches of the pixel data are randomly replaced in a very subtle and dangerous wayâ: in particular, some numbers appearing in a document may be replaced by other numbers when it is scanned.

Comment Acer Revo R3600 + xbmc (Score 2, Informative) 516

Try an Revo R3600 (~ £150 GBP) and XBMC live. The Revo is excellent, very very quite (much quieter than my sky+ PVR), about the size of an original apple tv, has HDMI and VGA output AND comes with a VESA stand that that you can use to hang it directly on the back of your TV (unless it's wall mounted). XMBC live installs very easily and quickly, once you've found a usb cd/dvdrom to boot it from :) The only other thing I needed was a remote / usb receiver but I just bought the cheapest windows media centre one I could find. HTH

Submission + - BBC want back door DRM (

sal_park writes: After a first failed attempt (link), the BBC is again trying to get DRM put on HD FTA content (link1, link2) and force all receiving equipment to be certified. So no mythtv, PCI / USB recievers and home-brew setup to record/watch HD content from the BBC will be possible. The regulator (ofcom) is asking for responses.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - unlocked iphone for sale in france

sal_park writes: A shop in France appears to be selling the iphone unlocked for 999 euros. Story is here (in french). From babelfish: "the iPhone, awaited so much in Europe since many months on sale in France, and is finally freed, therefore usable on all networks."

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