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Comment Re:Another reason we're stuck on this blue planet (Score 1) 505

The most major problem stopping exploitation of outer space is the legal issues. You can't just fly to an asteroid and take ownership of it, profiting from what you find. You can't "colonize" space regions like the Europeans colonized the "new world".

Assume the following;
* I build a spaceship with the billions I made off my new internet venture
* I then fly to the moon with a bunch of friends and setup a permanent space station, using my own funds

* What legal jurisdiction would me and my friends be living under?
* Would we have to pay taxes on the profits from the rare minerals that we were selling to Earth based corporations?
* Would we be able to broadcast any music we felt like, ignoring copyrights?
* Would we be able to ignore the patent systems of all Earth bound countries?

Until these questions are clearly resolved, why would any corporation invest in space resource exploitation?

Comment Re:So.... (Score 4, Interesting) 531

Here is an analogy;

I rent a locker at a local storage locker company.
The guy with the locker next to mine, fills his with drugs ... and gets caught.
Police put a crime scene tape around the entire facility and block my access to my stuff.
Police want to verify that there isn't any drugs in my locker.

What happens next?

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 580

> This petrol emits all the same harmful crap as regular petrol.
It it doesn't contain "harmful crap", why would it emit it?

FTFA: "We don't have any of the additives and nasty bits found in conventional petrol, and yet our fuel can be used in existing engines,"

Comment Re:I may be naive... (Score 1) 128

My image has been more in line with a MMORPG concept. You select your Avatar and explorer your Avatar's world, which may/may not include facebook, gmail, etc... In fact, that was my first impression of Second Life ( Unfortunately, that didn't work out. Enthropia was another attempt that didn't quite make it. (

After all, why must the user interface be a keyboard?


Submission + - Intel Announces Xeon E5, Talks Up Knights Corner (

MojoKid writes: "At the supercomputing conference SC2011 today, Intel announced its new Xeon E5 processors and demoed their new Knights Corner many integrated core (MIC) solution. The new Xeons won't be broadly available until the first half of 2012, but Intel has been shipping the new chips to a small number of cloud and HPC customers since September. The new E5 family is based on the same core as the Core i7-3960X Intel launched yesterday. The E5, while important to Intel's overall server lineup, isn't as interesting as the public debut of Knights Corner. Recall that Intel's canceled GPU (codenamed Larrabee) found new life as the prototype device for future HPC accelerators and complementary products. According to Intel, Knights Corner packs 50 x86 processor cores into a single die built on 22nm technology. The chip is capable of delivering up to 1TFlop of sustained performance in double-precision floating point code and operates at 1 — 1.2GHz. NVIDIA's current high-end M2090 Tesla GPU, in contrast, is capable of just 665 DP GFlops."

Submission + - Ron Paul's 89 seconds of fame

mayberry42 writes: It's no secret how Ron Paul has been having a severe lack of news coverage; far less than most, if not all, of his fellow GOP candidates. However, things have turned to almost bizarre levels when the past few debates have almost entirely excluded him, at one point granting him 90 seconds to speak — in an 80 minute debate. Still, he seems to be doing pretty well in Iowa.

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