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Comment No fancy gizmos please... (Score 5, Insightful) 445

When I recently bought a car, I specifically searched for a model that does not have any touch screen jazzy GPS-smartphone-capable stuff thrown in. Apart from the slow upgrades that are offered by the manufacturers, I find it extremely distracting. A phone call can always wait, and I prefer physical buttons on the dash to skip music tracks or control the volume. Unless you have steering wheel mounted controls (which I admit, most cars have these days), I find the prospect of taking my eyes off the road to figure out where on the screen to touch to change route/track very distracting and potentially dangerous. Voice activated commands are not yet very accent-insensitive. I speak with a marked indian accent, and I find that a couple of systems were not able to pick up commands very easily. More distractions and it just ends up making the journey more tiresome. So car makers, please spare some of us the bleeding edge technology and give us cars that we can actually enjoy driving.

Comment What's Apple's future market strategy? (Score 0) 466

I live in India, where the cost of a iPhone 4s is currently on the higher side of the smartphone market. To put it in perspective, you can get an android device from anywhere between 10% to 100% of the cost of an iPhone. With the Android system, you are guaranteed access to all the tried and tested Google applications like maps. Google have acknowledged the rise of the Indian consumer market by investing more money and resources to better the Indian maps by incorporating traffic, etc. Slow yes, but definitely steady, as India will shortly represent a significant chunk of the smartphone market worldwide. Now, if Apple want to compete in this lucrative market, they would need to either ensure that they invest comparative resources and money into making their maps applications more India friendly (along with all the other impacted countries that represent new and viable markets), or they need to ensure that they do not block native Google applications. I somehow do not get the feeling that Apple are seeing things the former way, and it would be several iOS releases before their maps applications make any headway. By that time, they would have already lost the battle to Google and the myriad range of android devices out there.

Comment Ball's in Sammy's court now... (Score 0) 428

Stats like this need to make Samsung wonder - hey, we just posted a 'iPhone is crap, look at the comparison with S3' ad, and Apple calmly shows them the finger with a figure like 2M in 24 hours, not counting store sales. I don't see people camping out in front of Samsung stores more than a week in advance of a release, frankly because they have no idea what is going to come out next. Apple's strategy is simple - stick to one unified experience, make it good and market it far in advance of the release via their press/blog network. You gotta give Apple credit for doing what they do best - maintain a high degree of secrecy with just the right amount of leaks....

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