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Comment Academia (Score 1) 543

I'm a computer science professor who started as an assistant professor on an H-1B visa, making less than $110,000. Since then, I've won a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation and brought in a few millions of dollars of federal grant funding, as well as established strong ties with industry and government labs. I've also mentored many graduate and undergraduate students who are US citizens, some who have gone into graduate school with fellowships that have been based on work in my lab. Others have gone onto academic positions of their own after earning a PhD under my advising. Another group of students has gone on to get excellent jobs at major tech companies.

Were this program in place, I would not have been able to get a job in the US. I'm now a green card holder on the path the naturalization, making above the threshold that Senator Cruz proposed, and bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the university where I work. You should ask yourself whether I have been a net positive for the United States or not. If this proposal, supported by many here, goes through, others like me will not even have a chance to prove their value.

I get the issues with the H-1B and the lock-in to companies while making under the prevailing wage, but this is a blunt-force solution that could end up having wildly unintended consequences.

Comment Vanish (Score 1) 306

Importantly, this looks to be a Facebook-specific implementation of Vanish, a project with the goal of making data "self-destruct" after a set period of time done by Roxana Geambasu and her colleagues at the University of Washington, linked here. They describe in their USENIX Security paper why encryption alone doesn't solve the problem.

Comment Communities of Interest (Score 1) 116

These are well-known techniques in the telephony world. AT&T has been using this for many years to combat telecom fraud; knowing who you call means that if you don't pay your bill but another phone number starts calling people in your circle of friends, they can identify that it's you making those calls. Communities of interest have also been examined in the context of IP networks and email. It's an interesting field of research and this seems like a novel analysis, though I'm sure they are doing something very similar within every carrier network.

Submission + - The Pirate Bay sued, again (

BuR4N writes: "The American movie industry today decided to take another stab at the people behind The Pirate Bay the Swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" reports. The last time it was IFPI ( ) that sued and won the first round in the court, the verdict was much debated especially when details about the judge being member of organisations around the copyright lobby emerged. The Local (Swedish news in English) has a good summary of this new turn in The pirate bay story."

Sony Pushes Back Release For Blu-Ray Players 262

Sony has announced that their first model of Blu-Ray player will release in August, not later this month as originally announced. The BDP-SP1, retailing for $1000, will now ship on or about August 15th. Bad news for fans of the new format, and even worse news for the PS3. Since Sony's lackluster E3 showing, a string of bad news has seemed to conspire against the company's next-gen console. From the Gamers with Jobs article: "With the PS3's high-end model coming it at a whopping $400.00 less than a stand-alone Blu-Ray player, Sony needs to release these players as soon as possible. If they wait too long, the PS3 will begin looming on the horizon, causing even devout early adopters to question the intelligence of buying a stand-alone Blu-Ray unit. Sony also needs the largest possible installed base, come launch-time for the PS3. For the Blu-Ray player to be the PS3's version of the PS2's DVD player, casual technophiles need to be able to see the virtues of the Blu-Ray format. If there are few players, and few titles, this might not happen."

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