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Comment Humm.. So we share the same diseases (Score -1, Troll) 64

Wonder why ? Maybe us eating pigs for the last oh-how-many-hundred-years might have something to do with it ?
Wouldn't it be easier to treat these diseases by not eating the pigs in the first place ..

You are what you eat. If we eat disease carrying pigs, we become those pigs. Have you seen some of the people who eat a lot of pig ? Their faces even start to resemble the animal.

Comment When will this end ? (Score 5, Interesting) 130

I'm sick and tired of seeing these new laws proposed almost weekly! What the heck is going and who is pushing towards all these new law propositions for allowing breaking into users computers, reading their email, tracking all activity and attempts at controlling the internet.

I wont allow these bastards who know nothing about how things even work to control this network of ours. They are trying take away our basic freedom all the time to communicate freely. They know that free speech is harmful for the powers that be. Enough already!

I call all sysadmins and network administrators to start opposing these law enforcers! We have the power to make the change. We are the ones who install these rules into production, and we are the ones who can stop this madness. And those who continue oppressing us, know this: f*ck you! You will not win. Give up already and let's try to work together instead of assuming everyone is a damn terrorist.

Comment Re:I'd leave well enough alone! (Score 2, Insightful) 152

If somehow we "made contact" with some "ET" type, and they had the means to get here "quickly", you think they would come
in friendship? LOL, probably blow us up like the Klingons, Borg or some other crap. Just leave things alone will ya?

That's what the television and movies tell you, don't they? Do you ever wonder why most of them tell that ETs are here to attack us ?
To keep us in Fear and to believe that if someone would come here, this would be automatically justify a reason for us to attack them.

Think about how the US & Hollywood portrays terrorists in movies, TV -series and mainstream news. Same thing with Extraterrestrial Life.

Oh, and btw. Imagine, that if there are civilizations out there who are _exponentially_ more evolved, have the capability to understand 100,000,000 times more of every aspect of technology and life, why would they travel here slowly ? They would have most probably already mastered Quantum Teleportation and other technologies we are still dabbling around with, and therefore would already know how to transfer themselves physically to our realms if needed.

And if a lifeform has gained such high insights into life itself, it would have already meant that they had gone through the phase of understanding that killing themselves and others is not the way. So why would such a race attack us ?

And now, if there is a race that wants us as their slaves, wouldn't they just infiltrate themselves into our society instead of attacking directly? What's the point of just killing everyone and taking the planet ? Any race that could come from such far distances would have to technologically and socially so much more advanced, they must have thought about more advanced tactics also.

  And maybe this has already happened, and we are living in such a society where we are slaves to some certain bloodlines who are in contact with these beings .. think about kings & queens, why are always the same f*ckers in control and most of the society feels like slaves to them ? Think about this possibility.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, we already are in contact with ETs and Aliens, and have been for so long time already. Our society has suppressed this information for so long to keep us blinded from the truth. The communication happens telepathically and during meditative states of mind, or during dreams. Research the subject, the information is out there.

Comment Re:Better design for Europe (Score 1) 338

You think ? Having used toilets in the US, they are crappy compared to the ones we have here in Finland.

In the US (at least west coast), the bowl is really low in height, and at some places there is even this flat surface the poster above was talking about. In Finland, we have usually one uniform factor, deep enough so that the water doesn't hit your ass when dropping a solid one and small enough in area so that not all the walls get stuck with shit.

Havent' tried the ones in Japan though, those can be superior to ours here in Finland, but definitely ours surpass those of the US versions. Come and see! :)

Oh what a nice subject to speak about..

Comment Re:Two can play at this game (Score 1) 638

Yes and every once in a while a revolution comes along that burns the old ways and chops heads or worse.

But somehow fails to effect any change at all.

You sir, are holding back the revolution. Please, kindly step back, and let others say what they have in their mind.
This kind of thinking is exactly what holds back any change. People saying that "It is just the same, nothing will change". This kind of thinking holds us BACK IN THE PAST. Move on! Let go!

Comment Re:Meat gap? (Score 1) 705

"The human body does not require meat."

Yes it does. At most I could accept that due to our technology we can (hardly) substitute meat with something else.

This is a myth that needs to be broken. We do not absolutely need meat to survive. This is just like a habit, like addiction do drugs, sex, fear. Meat is actually very addictive. To actually evolve as a human race, we need to break this habit. We need to stop eating other CONSCIOUS BEINGS, feeling, thinking, emotional beings. Would you like if someone ate you ?

We are being FED this image of that we need to eat meat everywhere, it is to keep us unevolved and to keep us resonating with the energies of fear. Most meat on the market is full of Fear. Fear and stress of the animal that was slaughtered, kept in stressfull and fearful environments through it's life time. This fear is then passed on to us as we eat these animals. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Want to be a frightful animal? Then keep eating those cows, bulls and so on.

There are people who live on only sunlight. There are people who live on only eating raw. It is all in our minds, in our thinking, in our collective consciousness that THINKS that it needs meat. In reality, our bodies and spirits are much greater beings than we can even imagine, and we can manifest matter out of pure consciousness if choose so. Yogis and gurus all over the world know this. See beyond your cultural programming, if you can, and see the TRUTH.

Comment Solution: EAT RAW (Score 1) 705

Are we really so stubborn and stuck on eating meat of other animals? Insects, really ?

Humans can survive with raw food only if we just let go of our programming of eating meat. Raw food is unprocessed, contains more nutrients than any cooked food, and is 100% more energy efficient than any processed or heated food, as it requires less energy from the body to process, taking less time to stay in the stomach and the raw nutrients are easily absolved into pure energy.

Isn't it really simple ? Why route the food through different animals, when we could live directly on the foods those animals eat ?
All it takes is letting go of our habit of eating other thinking, conscious living beings. My educated guess is that the body can adapt to this new diet in about 3 months, if you just stick to this diet.

Check out this girls excellent youtube channel for more information about eating raw: http://www.youtube.com/user/Freelea

Comment MP3 != CD QUALITY, never (Score 1) 576

MP3s, at a sufficiently high bitrate, are indistiguishable from CDs. They were doing this loudness war crap well before iTunes came along; it started back in the 90s. The real reason is they wanted songs to sound louder on the radio. It's just like how TV commercials are louder, so that people will pay more attention to them; songs on the radio are really advertisements for those songs, so they got the bright idea to compress the music to boost the apparent loudness to make their song sound louder than the other songs. Of course, they all started doing it pretty soon.

No, they are not. Ultimately, MP3 is a flawed format, as it is very old. If you know what to look for in the stereographic image of an MP3 with your ears, you will definitely hear the difference, no matter what the bitrate. This myth needs to be cleared out! MP3 sucks compared to some more modern codecs like AAC, OGG or others, which actually can be quite close to the original CD with high enough bitrates (300+).

Do the research! With MP3 the sound has a general sound to it, for example the hihats can be really easily distinguished from the raw cd counterparts if one has decent enough ear/brain system and hardware to listen with.

Comment Guns and bullets kill people (Score 1) 820

So, you're trying to argue that if every household has access to guns, this doesn't lead to any killings?
Everyone who gets killed in a gunfight is a drug meddler or a gang member ? So you don't count those people as really people, do you ?

Guns and bullets kill people, period. The more we have those goddamn guns and bullets in our houses, the more people will get killed as a side product of this.
Banning guns does more harm than good .. uhm yes, if you want to cut down the population of this planet, then yes.

Comment Re:Age (Score 1) 515

Wow, this is an excellent answer that explains parts of the group behaviour happening in many IT -workplaces. I also have recognized that I belong to this "agent of chaos" group, and for me it has been always difficult to adjust to normal behaviour of just leaving things as they are. What he says is correct, humbleness and willing to listen to others is the key to being succesfull in a group. And good communication skills, in order to convince others to see your way.

Comment And yet, the mass media oogles over teenage girls (Score 1) 714

Child Pornography is Illegal, and yet, at the same time, the mass media wants us to oogle at young girls dressed in skimpy outfits, singing some songs produced by five different hit song makers and oozing of sexual innuendos. Think about Britney Spears.

But oh yeah, as long as they are 18, its all rightyo! No wonder people are lusting over underaged girls, we are being forcefed this crap ALL THE TIME. This is stupid bullshit that big companies with enough money can advertise with SEX all the time, and Porn can be found everywhere with adults in it, and then at the same time we are prosecuting child porn distributors like they are murderers, while these advertisers and big media companies get paid big bucks.

We are being fed the image of "young and sexy is good, buy this!" and then we wonder why we have so much people interested in child pornography.. it's sad really that our lust for money overcomes everything in our modern world. Good thing it's crumbling to pieces as we speak!

Comment Re:Lovely... (Score 1) 400

So I guess this means my grandkids are going to live in a world that is every bit as fucked up as this one.

Nope. I wont let it happen. And I hope others wont either. We are building a new World here. The ones who are in control and want to wage war, your time is over! People have started to awaken to the reality that killing each other is like stabbing ourselves in the back. Internet has had a very major role in this, and we must protect the freedom of expressing our thoughts in the Future too. This is the only way we can change as a nation, to express our true selves and SPEAK OUT.

The negative forces that were in power for oh-so-long are no longer in control. Hear my words, the world will know peace and respect against all living forms again.

Comment The Mind Interrupts The Religious Experience (Score 1) 1258

When the rational side of our brains, the Mind, starts to take over the thought and existence process, then will the Creative Side of our brains stop operating. The mind always tries to explain things, but things into little boxes and try to make sense of them. Religious Experience does not make sense in the way we are being thought currently, this is why it will not let the experience Come Into Reality.

When meditating, one tries to let go of the rational minds ever gabbering sound. This is why. Because it will always keep trying "This is not real. You are not experiencing this." And then the vision and experience will vanish instantly.

Empty your mind and the Truth Will Come Out. And it has nothing to do with the Wrathful God of modern day Main Stream Christianity just to clarify.

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