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Comment Re:Does the data reflect tires slipping on ice? (Score 1) 643 You're wrong. He SHOULD be dead from the crash based on how fast he was going, but he miraculously was unhurt. It is still surmised he fell asleep at the wheel, but that has not been proven...

Comment Re:Author Misidentifies Core Problems with SOPA (Score 2) 214

We may not end up in a doomsday scenario, but the overhead of SOPA builds a strong framework ripe for abuse. I feel it is a better idea to draw the line now and say no regulation before a monster like SOPA is passed and we have to see our rights whittled away case after case. Leave the Internet open and place the burden on the content producers to build a FAIR framework for anti-piracy if they want one. The current model plus SOPA will place huge financial burden on people even in "fair use" cases. It is an unfair battle for all but the content owners. This is a greedy, money-making model built by the companies with money to twist the Internet to their ends. Say no with your dollars and to your congressmen before we lose control of our Internet freedoms.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 136

And they recently took the world's fastest processor record for Guinness, I believe. They used liquid helium cooling at -220 C... The actual chip and package are made to withstand high clock speeds and tortuous conditions. They are gonna tune these and make them faster. They need their R & D team to make better sense of their instruction set implementation. That's where Intel is killing them in Ops/second... I still have hopes for AMD, 'cuz competition is good for us, but I use Intel right now...

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