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Comment Re:Really? (Score -1) 957

You need to learn how to read in context. This is about the dhimma (outsiders) who live in a caliphate or other islamic state. It's hardly violent to think you should fight people who don't respect the law of the land that they live on. It actually makes sense. Stop making speeches, and don't use google to get evidence and then fail to read commentary or context on that evidence, because then you just look like a dumbass.

Comment Re:What Constitutes an "Education?" Or "Smart?" (Score 1) 337

and someones motivation can also be bad or good. their motivation isnt bad because its motivated by dollar signs, its bad because theyre forcing themselves into a bad situation by choice or by lack of foresight. either way its still stupid and its not about picking a low paying major, its about picking a low paying major and then going to school for four more years because you cant get even a low paying with bachelors degree

Comment Re:Dear Slashdot, (Score 1) 166

dont see why this is scored a 0. i mean why does school exist.. why do students go to school for 8+ years after high school to study these things? find how you learn and put in the time and work. there arent shortcuts to understanding, you have to put the work in, and its pretty clear to anyone with a brain that universities arent intentionally convaluted.

Comment Re:What if they are skinny for other reasons? (Score 1) 676

This is just wrong. Someone can eat mcdonalds 5 days a weak and still not be obese. Someone can eat nothing but whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and still be overweight. Its nothing to do with being able to afford healthy vs unhealthy foods; mostly because fruits, vegetables, pasta, and grains are not expensive relative to potato chips and soda, and also because diet is only a small contributor to weight gain. Generalizations make life easier but they arent always true.

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