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Comment Wait, are the humans trying to be human? (Score 1) 235

If the humans are actually trying to prove their human-ness (like they get a prize for convincing others that they are human), then I cannot believe how any bot can get >1%. I see these articles a lot over the last few years, and every time the bots fail to simple contextual questions and general conversation flow.

That the winning bot got 30% tells me that the humans in this experiment were not trying their hardest to appear human, and I don't see the point of a Turing test where this is the case.

Comment The Actual List (Score 5, Informative) 33

TFA links to the actual list that Oracle claims, why isn't this in the summary so that people can judge for themselves:

I don't see why this is news though. Marketing department chooses a convenient level of granularity to get a shiny number. Isn't that like, all marketing?

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