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Comment NH Machines Have Papertrail (Score 1) 315

Every election, people from out of state say, "AH!!! Diebold machines, must be corrupt!" And the sore losers demand a recount. I've participated in many of the recounts since 2004 at the legistlative office building Concord. Firstly, the machines we use in NH are not the push button types that are controversial. Here in NH, you get a ballot with those little circles in it that you mark with a pen, and the machine reads the marks. Ballots are kept for recount purposes. In my recount experiences, no election has changed its outcome by more than 35 votes, and typically thats because lazy morons were very sloppy in how they filled out their ballots, or marked multiple candidates. We go through every ballot, with a rep from each side of a race sitting in front of a ballot official who holds up each ballot, states what he reads it as, and you can challenge it or not. All the challenged ballots wind up getting agreed on by the secretary of state and a rep from each party as to what they mean. The poor machines are doing the best they can, but you put a garbage ballot in, you get a garbage vote out.

Comment Fantasy Grounds (Score 3, Insightful) 79

I've been looking for this kind of software for a couple of years now. OpenRPG is as user frindly as open source software was 10 years ago. I'd given up until I stunmbled upon Fantasy Grounds. It is almost every thing I've been looking for. I've paid up and converting it now so I can run SLA industries. This along with Teamspeak and MorphVOX I'm looking forward to running some great games.

Journal Journal: The Sponge Bob Squarepants Movie

Sponge Bob Squarepants is a cartoon show I've enjoyed more than most. Okay, I'm a fanboy: I have Sponge Bob jammies, a Sponge Bob alarm clock, and a few other accoutrements (sister bought them for me). I can sing the theme song word for word. I know all the characters. I am a 36 year old single white male. I am disturbingly outside the bell curve for this show's target audience. I even got my younger sister hooked on the show. Quite sad.
Lord of the Rings

Journal Journal: LOTR:ROTK

Saw ROTK this evening. Went to the Entertainment Cinemas on Miracle Mile in Lebanon, NH. The 7:30 show was sold out, bought a ticket for 8:00 and trudged across the icy parking lot to the P&C to buy some peanut M&Ms and a 1 L Sunkist to sneak into the theater (cost $3.36). Threw off the hounds by laying out $4 for a regular popcorn in the theater lobby, after waiting in line behind this chick with the most amazing cantelevered torso I've seen in a while..... Went in the theater 15 minute

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