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Comment Does it even matter (Score 1) 429

Side A) Extreme environmentalists claiming the world is ending.
Side B) Extreme ostriches burying their heads in the sand.
As technology advances the dates move out. We are impacting our world, and as a result the world is changing. Cheetahs are on the brink of extinction because over a millennium of human based damage. Now we are finding ways to hopefully save the populations.
Wolves decimated to isolated parts of the world, now we are reintroducing them.
Trees and forests blemished and killed because of man made causes of various reasons. Yes, while it is still happening today, many are starting to do something about it.
No matter what side you are on, if you have half a brain you cannot claim we are not affecting the world. That being said, I don't believe throwing money around like morons is going to actually do anything.
This is also not the first instance of this, the superfund meant to clean up toxic wastes from the past was spent on lawyers pointing fingers at each other saying who is doing what instead of solving the problems.
Solutions are not going to take place in the realm of politics debates, it needs to be resolved with improving technology via modest tax incentives that reduce environmental (Not just carbon) impact and grants to companies that can make green technology cheaper and cleaner.

Comment Re:I call bullshit. (Score 1) 287

Not just your opinion, it is shared by me at least and a few others.
Content wise I prefer the older RPGs because they tend to be more pro-active.
I love a game that has so much in it I could never complete every little detail
I prefer the older exploration over the newer story line RPG games
Hell with Fallout 3, fallout 2 was kick-ass, I loved that game, and still do. You had choices, configured your character, could attack almost anyone
Daggerfall was vast, and mostly random, it rocked hard when it came out, I played it about a year ago, and outside of really bad graphics and dynamics, it was still fun
Elder scroll games have shrunk since, and gotten simpler over time, I would prefer a modernized daggerfall over anything made today.
Think of a complex and ever changing world that RPGs can utilize, instead of focusing on narrowing the storyline like Final Fantasy 13 does, expand it, make it dynamic and colorful. We have the ability to make massive worlds, figure out complex economics or even monster threats. we should utilize these capacities.
Some games I find good enough to play still, I am not saying games today totally blow, but they could be sooo much more.
Take Minecraft, bad graphics, simple idea, vastly popular, not because they focused on what people are complaining about, but because they made a game that would be fun for them to play and allowed mods.
Never Winter Nights (Both) are good because you could do a variety of different things in several means and they allow mods.

The most important thing for game designers to stop doing is changing.
When you have a hit like Mass Effect 1, don't change it, Mass Effect 2 sucks in comparison because they changed everything. It is far cheaper, faster, and better to enhance graphics, fix bugs, create a new story line, maybe add some depth or new things, but don't take away from the game, or you risk taking away what made it a hit in the first place.
Note: I will not be buying Mass Effect 3 until it hits the bargain basement prices.

Comment Piracy is a false flag (Score 1) 3

With Apple you have very limited development, so strict that most developers don't make anything at all because they don't even get listed.
Android on the other hand has a more open policy, where lots of crappy developers try to make money and fail. So it is comparing apples to oranges, if you look at the top apps in both sections I am more than willing to bet they are on par with each other.
Android does have one more downfall, if you make a good app, odds are someone will make another app that is as good and FREE. Iphone apps are rarely free in comparison to the android apps. Hmm the open source community more willing to share their apps with the world.

Comment Dibs on the wheel (Score 1) 71

I see a whole new breed of patent trolls appearing out of the new laws.
I would be more than willing to bet the basic wheel is not patented (though more complex ones are surely under protection).
I am just waiting for the new troll type to emerge that takes existing technology without patents and files a patent, then sues for infringement
Since I am sure this is a novel concept, I call dibs on the wheel, I did not invent it, but I am sure no one has patented it, if so I am sure I can patent shoe laces, or the button up shirt.

Comment Re:Short Circuit Evaluation (Score 1) 250

Exactly. The fact they have no idea what I am saying is what gets me past them and into the interview with someone that knows what I mean. I used this trick on several "new" platforms/languages over the years. Basically it sets you apart from those not witty enough to put something like that on their resume, so when HR submits a stack of only 2 or 3 developers that met the requirements, you are among them.
After that point it is usually about talking to someone that knows the difference, and understands what OOP is and how it relates to Java. At that point you can flatter them with the years of C++, C, C64 Basic that you have.

Comment If large corperations benefit, we all pay (Score 1) 368

Patents were designed to protect the little guy, not cater to the huge mega corporations that are now using them to fight wars. If you could not afford to mass produce something inventive you could still make it and profit from your efforts.
Things have gone from bad to another form of bad. Now the little guy that just does know his way around a patent office could start the process and get trumped by the highly efficient corporations who see their work, finishes and patents key parts before they can find who to even call to patent their product. Thus the little guy does all of the work, and the big corporation swoops in and takes all of the benefits.
I don't have a clean solution, right now there is almost nothing protecting the little guys and it fades both as a result of new policies and advanced technology. The only real hope is open patent systems, shorter patents should also be implemented while we are at it.
No matter how many idiotic republicans waiving their false promises, corporations are bad for economic growth, anyone that looks through historical economic records could easily see this, look at the baby boomer era, when ma and pa shops flourished.
If we want to get the economy back on track, we need to focus on the small to mid sized companies and make patents, taxes, and benefits help them instead of mega corporations making billions, if not, we may as well wait for the collapse and rebuild phase of our civilization.

Comment Re:Here's an idea. (Score 1) 252

Serious Issue, I don't and already have photos from my childhood that friends or family upload. It is impossible to not be in a photo these days. It just takes one or two photos and your lost.

We live in a world of technology, the government uses it to control the masses, the masses use it to socialize. The criminals use it to detect the government using it against them. Reality is as technology progresses towards the future things will become harder to get away with. Undercover cops are committing fraud of sorts.

There are many negative effects of technology, it will cause social issues, economic issues, and new crimes and tools for criminals. When a street corner drug dealer can snap a shot of a potential buyer and use the app "Cop or not" before showing his stash, we are left with a limitation. We have to decide do we combat this by making the apps illegal to have or perhaps we add 1000s of cameras to the city streets (CCTv), perhaps again we go 1984 and have cameras in every house, then allow a bill like the patriot act to get the feeds of every phone camera, home security camera, phone conversation, or whatever the gestapo wants.

The only real solution, legalize drugs under a controlled environment. It is easier for high school kids to get pot, but if it was regulated instead of illegal it would make it more difficult. We could use the tax money to invest in better technology to deal with the real crimes.

So, In Plain Sight is going to have to create a show now where someone gets tagged on facebook so the criminals all of the sudden know where their target is.

Comment iPad developers vs. Android (Score 0) 312

Seriously this is about the stupidest argument ever heard. Android already can compete with iPad, what are they trying to say. iPad does not have a huge incomprehensible market, they have devout worshipers that purchase as soon as their products come out. Android people are a bit pickier when it comes to buying something, they actually take time to evaluate the products instead of the hipsters who buy a label. There are plenty of apps, games, and utilities for Android tablets, and plenty of well selling tablets out there making a decent profit.
Apple is not the future of mobile technology, in fact Android sells are surpassing them more and more each day. Apple is resorting to lawsuits to slow the competition because they are afraid of loosing. The only competition Amazon has to worry about is other Android makers, because the die hard iPad people are Steve Job worshipers or people that believe articles like these.
I work in a marketing company, the sales team and executives like iPhones and iPads. Most everyone else uses Android with a few people using iPad/iPhones. Yes people near the art industry have been using apple for decades and a few hipsters love Apple, but everyone else is starting to shift away.

Comment Re:WHAT!?!?!?! (Score 1) 637

My favorite games are epic. I think Red Dawn is a bad example. Perhaps they should look at Fallout and see how many people completed Fallout 3 and Fallout: Vegas, not to mention the expansions they released for it. The problem is Redemption is a GTA clone with a new face, basically it still has a lot of the things GTA had. While it was entertaining, it was not a true RPG.

I think the biggest problem is they are trying to classify things based on a handful of games, I would love to see their research process and data. I would expect it to show different niches or be very limited.

My personal view: There are several epic games I did not complete, including the last final fantasy, most GTA games (I completed red dawn), Darkness falls, alone in the dark, and a few others. Either they got to button pushy, to hard for casual play (Meaning I don't want to play them unless I am in the mood), or they were to preparative.

Of all of those games the only one I will buy a sequel to is GTA (I have fun racing around town even if I get stuck on a quest and frustrated at times). If they shorten up the world I will be less inclined to buy it, it is not the quest that makes it fun, but the quest. In fact all GTA games, the best was the LA one because it was more than just about the questing, you had to take over territories, much funner than just storyline questing.

Of the games I completed: Fallout, Redemption, Dragon Age (Too short), Mass Effect, Oblivion. I bought all of the sequels or would. Dragon Age II and Mass Effect II on the other hand changed the play so much, they took away what made the games fun, I will not buy the third installment. Mass Effect 2 was also too short, so I won't buy 3. BTW, I have completed Oblivion dozens of times, it is way to short and it is huge. In fact I would pay extra for some of these games if they kept the worlds large and packed.

Comment Re:It feels old and already seen (Score 1) 413

Not sure why it remained so popular, I personally thought it was the same game as Evercrack or even DAOC. They had nothing new or original above these other games. In fact, I thought DAOC was 100 times better. I lost interest after it took me a month to level up because I was being pwnd by high levels and had to PVE to level up, not that I dislike PVP, just hate taking years to get good enough (level wise) that I have any chance to PVP. The "Grinding" in other words really sucks.

Comment Re:Bad for everyone (Score 2) 181

I find Apple a funny little company.
A few years ago, maybe a couple of decades, they were nobody, on their way out. Microsoft gets hit with a lawsuit and gives Apple life again.
Perhaps it is time Apple gets smacked. I think all other cellular makers need to hit Apple with a join lawsuit as a message to stop. Perhaps if they get everyone to nail Apple to the wall their lawyers will be so busy trying to defend they will stop attacking one company after another.
Apple Competitors, stop waiting for your turn, unite to push Apple on the ropes. The governments shouldn't have to be involved, there are plenty of people to fight together, stop Apple, form alliances long enough to kill the sue happy giant.
Sure they have lots of money now, but after they get nailed with a series of lawsuits from everyone they compete with, they will be hard pressed to pay anyone but the lawyers. Enough law suits against them at the same time ensures they are less able to focus on one victim at a time, the army of evil lawyers you hire will outnumber the evil lawyers they hire, and while lawyers are the only winners here, they will think twice before they try suing the next person.

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