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Comment Re:bitch and moan (Score 2) 400

No, they were actually getting critical requirements late in the game, too. Some as late as March 2013 and a little even in Sept 2013. Not excusing the contractor, and especially the head honcho's in charge stating (despite every indication otherwise) that everything would be peachy on Oct 1st. This should be a textbook example of just how badly a project can be screwed up at every level of development, implementation, and rollout that should be studied in software engineering classes for decades to come. Since this was a signature piece of litigation for Obama, you KNOW he had to be highly interested in it's success, it's nearly impossible to believe that he didn't know there were substantial problems beforehand. If you believe him that he found out about the problems on the news, and you know he had to be highly engaged with CMS and HHS in wanting progress reports, some people severely lied to him to keep in the dark. No matter how you slice it, this was a major cover-up somewhere on the slim hopes that everything would end up okay in the end.

Comment Re:bitch and moan (Score 1) 400

No, that's not what he said. There are far too many examples of him stating in clear terms that if you like your health PLAN or health COVERAGE, you can keep it. Period. He never said it as if you liked just your health insurance company, you get to keep it.

Comment So, what's the mission? (Score 1) 433

Heard Rep. Tommy Williams on talk radio today, and he didn't seem satisfied with his security briefing since it didn't seem to answer three questions: What's the mission, what's the exit strategy, and what's it going to cost? While exit strategy and cost are valid questions, before we do ANYTHING, we need to have a clear, achievable, defined mission before we put our sons and daughters at risk. And if Obama is waffling on who's drawing the 'red line', especially in the absence of any other country giving a crap about that 'red line', you need to tell me what this 'Mission' is about before we go jumping in all by ourselves here.

Comment There's only one safe solution (Score 1) 398

Never stream any movies or music ever again. Stop using YouTube, Spotify, Grooveshark, Pandora, MySpace,, Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, Vevo and a myriad of other streaming services since even 1 piece of content could cause you to unintentionally commit a felony. If I'm not seeing the artist/performance live, or they aren't paying me to watch it, then it is only prudent I insure that I don't consume any of it. Also, if for some reason my 'viral video' of some event makes it on TV without my consent, then I want the CBS/ABC/FOX/WB/NBC producers and executives prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for unauthorized streaming of my content.

Submission + - MIT's report on Aaron Swartz is out - MIT claims neutrality

gavron writes: Mit has released their report on the Aaron Swartz incident. They also include an MD5 fingerprint. Sadly for MIT's great cryptography genius, having the signature on the same page as its reference and the same site as the file means nothing. More on MD5 hashes here. Noted crypto researched Bruce Schneier said MD5 had to go almost ten years ago.

Comment Re:Mostly hero, but dubious choices (Score 1) 601

Pisses me of that Obama is NOW telling the American People that we can have a dialogue about it... Sure, now that we know about it, but there certainly wasn't any dialogue with the the public about it before hand. When this was suspected, and the ACLU wanted to "have a dialogue" about it, SCOTUS didn't hear the case because there was no standing (no evidence their phone records we being captured). So now we know, and now the ACLU has standing. I'm sure they, and many others including news agencies, will be keeping huge pressure on them. I absolutely do NOT feel better being told the NSA is not being given "Names and Addresses". Christ on a Crutch, like we don't know that there are many places where people can get a PHONE BOOK and look that information up, or buy that information from a wide variety of marketing companies and data brokers.

Comment Re:This May Work (Score 1) 303

Actually, if he is in Lebanon, suggest that you want complete assurances that he won't DDoS you again. So tell him you know people in the local Mafia, and willing to put out a $1600 contract on his life. I'm sure you could find someone in that country willing to take that deal. How does he know if you're serious or not.

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