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Comment Re:independence (Score 4, Insightful) 77

This doesn't keep WebOS Inernals from going out of business. It makes it easier to help the community. WebOS Internals have bought much server power from direct donation from the WebOS fans. I've personally donated $120 to them. They reason? They are doing cool stuff.

WebOS Internals has done a bunch for the platform. Worth much more than a $10k server. Nice to anonymously question the ethics and morals of a stand up group. Have the balls to at least insult people under a username.

Comment Re:Good PR (Score 2) 77

The Custom Kernel released for the first Pre on Sprint is the only thing that makes it usable for me. Memory caching and changing processor speed from 500 MHz to 720, 800 or 1 GHz. (I just run 720 MHz.) WebOS Internals stays completely White Hat and respects HP/Palm IP rights. The work closely together and do great things.

People say that Android is open, but it isn't nearly as open as WebOS in what you can do. There is no jail breaking or anything like it. You enter dev mode and you have root. Period.

Comment Re:Hyperbole inflation (Score 1) 332

I RTFA before it appears on Slashdot. I'm a developer on the WebOS platform. I understand his frustration. However:

His applications HAVE been distributed for MONTHS on Home brew forums. That is the point. His apps are OUT THERE. He is wanting to write the rules to get in the blessed App Catalog. Sorry, but currently the Palm App Catalog is in Beta and Palm is working hard to process all requests for apps to include to deal with someone who wants to do everything contrary to what Palm requests.

HOMEBREW is made for the open source crowd, right now.

Comment Re:Windows Mobile (Score 2, Interesting) 332

If you don't use the Palm SDK to develop, you can sell your wares any places you like. But downloading THEIR SDK means you agree to THEIR CONDITIONS.

NOTHING is keeping you from developing software on your Pre and selling to off your web site. You just can't use the Emulator or other software Palm developed to do so.

Far be it for Palm to want a solid and worry free user experience.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 332

Yes, because all developers should submit their for pay apps on the day that the pay catalog goes live. That is BRILLIANT!

Wait, no. Then we wouldn't have any Pay apps in a live Pay App Catalog at launch.

I'm fine with enough "buy in" to the process of distributing through Palm that fly by night developers that might not offer support are weeded out.

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