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Comment Canceled (Score 1) 158

Just a couple of days ago I canceled my netflix subscription because of the user-hostile behavior of their roku app. Just clicking a show to read a more detailed description or get a list of actors in it would cause it to play automatically. Hit back, then select it again, it autoplays again. It's impossible to browse the catalog and add shows to my queue. Their support channel is useless, they just say they'll pass the suggestion on. There are threads on reddit and the roku forums with many people complaining about the same thing. Netflix also had a blog post about this "new feature" but after they got hundreds and hundreds of complaints they just turned off commenting and deleted all the existing comments. I know it's only $8/month but I'm not interested in giving any more money to these people. And we've been subscribers almost since the beginning.

It's nice that I could cancel online without calling in to support (a lot of online services don't let you cancel online). But it's telling that there was no survey asking why I canceled.

Comment Old English (Score 1) 171

I loved the old Dragon Warrior games on NES. However, when they remade Dragon Quest III they changed all the old english dialog to modern english. Everything also got all cutesy and I sort of remember a new integrated collectible item deal. All that crap they added on just annoyed me and took away from the core experience of the game. I'd love to play more remakes but stay true to the originals!

Comment Confusion? (Score 3, Insightful) 25

There seems to be some confusion -- this isn't a product to secure apache, it's a product to secure your web applications running on top of apache. It's designed to detect and prevent attacks on your app, not on the apache server itself.

Comment Re:The disc is DRM (Score 2, Informative) 213

It will suck on Roku, too, if you have a crappy/inconsistent connection. If it ever drops below a certain threshold, it will just degrade the quality to the next lowest stream it thinks it can support. Roku is worse than xbox/ps3 in that it seems to remember the resolution you usually stream at so even when the connection gets better (other times of the day, for example), it takes it a while to realize it and start getting the higher quality streams.

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