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Journal Journal: Journals, (we)blogs, random ramblings

I thought I'd start making use of my Slashdot journal. No particular reason, I just felt like writing a journal entry. I went so far as thinking of registering with LiveJournal, or starting one of those "blog" thingies on my own rather boring website, but then I saw the journal section of my profile in Slashdot and thought "Hey, I can use this, and I don't even have to fart about setting it up."

Some people have gained a high profile by publishing their often extreme opinions on the thing known as the world wide web. I'm not about to say I want to do that (does anyone even look at my profile here?), more to question why people get so fanatic about them. I suppose it's the same story for fans of everything else -- they see something they like, start to follow, and start to become blind to anything that might destroy the target of their fanaticism.

I won't say I don't succumb to fanaticism, because I do. I'm a Debian GNU/Linux fan (I even put the GNU in there, at least the first time I mention it). My Debian advocacy, as well as some things I don't like about Debian, can go in other entries another time. Debian isn't the only thing to get my attention. After using Python for a short while, I absolutely love coding in it. There are other interests, but I'm going to leave you with those for now.

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