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Comment 4K (Score 2) 152

Everytime they mention 4K and i see 3840 it makes me itch... some clever folks at the display producing companies are just like the ones in the HDD business making up the term gibibyte. (and yes, I know 3840 is 2x1920, but still..)

Comment Understandable (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Those notebooks were not meant to produce that performance, it may be capable, but: - NVidia does not want to deal with fried GPUs, to decide/prove if it was because of the overclocking or some manufacturing problems - Suffer the negative PR on the market if too many of their systems seem to die ahead of time or suffer from heat/related issues.. Apart from some rare exceptions notebooks were never meant to be in the same performance category as desktop configurations, this should be taken into consideration this when buying one.

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