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Comment Re:As someone who was on H1-B, it's a scam (Score 3, Informative) 325

I am a US citizen (and native) who was employed by Tata for a F500 company (call them BigCo.) I had been with BigCo on a temporary project with another staffing group and BigCo's managers forced Tata to find and hire me for a basic support contract while BigCo's long time employees were slowly laid off. Two of us were citizens of the US on this contract, brought in by management, everyone else was either H1B or offshore. I can assure you that Tata let my contract expire and replaced me with an H1B worker already on their payroll who made significantly less all the while Tata charged BigCo the same rate. The mandatory HR training calls were hilarious. I've been outsourced, been an outsourcer, and an outsourced outsourcer. The H1B system totally abused in a way that non-foreign staffing companies only wished they could do.

Comment Re:Wines, cheeses, trees (Score 1) 1397

When I came to my current position, every PC was named for the original user. Over time this became disorganized and a spreadsheet was used to track the computers. Not only that, the CEO and other executives had their computers easily identified on the network. We changed the scheme to location-OS-AssetNumber. The help desk people hate it and say it is difficult, but they still have to use the same spreadsheet. Plus we have the bonus of simple asset tracking for the help desk. The benefits are obvious. To be sure, obscurity is not a complete solution, but it does make it harder for the mail clerk to to find profit/loss statements on the CEO's desktop or personnel records in HR. It's just another layer in a comprehensive solution. I've used Greek mythology for servers before as well as location/function schemes. The scheme I inherited used movie characters. I've discontinued it for a different system. It's completely unprofessional to have a COO call the help desk to complain about Yoda problems.

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