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Comment Re:+1 two suggestions (Score 1) 402

Interesting, your review on their product is so high but you claim you'll never own something from Sony. How do you know so much about the camera if you never purchased one? Isn't it hypocritical to say that you won't buy their product and yet still recommend it for someone else and talk about it's quality? Let alone, you must have used one to have such details about it. I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:SHOULD "Apps" Cost Something? (Score 1) 523

I don't think the linux and free software idea is something that works everywhere. Linux and mysql caters mostly to the geek community that also very much understands the importance of giving back to the software developers but in the mainstream, the public would mostly just take it all for free. I think that's the kicker, the app store realy doesn't cater to the same target audience. Besides, we're talking about a freaking $1 purchase. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I don't really agonize over that little purchase anyway.

Comment Re:monopoly on free service... (Score 2) 315

" unfairly forcing their search users to also use their other services, which is an argument that can probably be made ... "

I would disagree that it would be a valid argument. I never see how I am ever "forced" to use google anywhere. I do see both Google and M$ putting their engines in browsers and working with other applications such as vuze which recently switched to bing (when I stopped using it) but that's not like they make it exclusive on either side. Both of them make other engines available (except in the Vuze case, which I never found out how to do that) so I don't see them as having abused their monopoly position.

Comment Re:News for nerds, stuff that matters (Score 1) 344

Well first off, I am sorry for your terrible situation. That sucks but I agree that yours, although still pretty ridiculous (that the banks would do all that) is definitely something I believe. I also know first hand about the banks giving out the loans -- I was part of that mess which, unfortunately ended in foreclosure because we ended up not being able to afford the house -- I'll never understand the point of the predatory lending. We were new to house buying and had no idea that the little lady that was our realtor was a wolf in disguise and the "sure you can afford this.." was a lie.

Comment Re:News for nerds, stuff that matters (Score 3, Informative) 344

This is rather curious. Being someone that has been one of the ones that actually needed a loan at one time, my process other than it being nerve racking, since my credit score was below what they would have liked it at, was relatively simple and I had no experience nearly as detailed and crazy as yours. They simply needed my employment status, wages and such and verification of that from pay stubs and that was that. That is a really weird situation, I wonder why that particular bank was scrutinizing you so closely. In any case your experience, I don't think, is the norm.

Comment Re:Fourth straight year of losses = success? (Score 1) 275

No, I wouldn't but I would say that they are a successful company overall. Perhaps not financially in the past 4 years... but I also wouldn't bet on them going down anytime soon either. If success means never losing money or having losing streaks for periods then there would be a lot of unsuccessful companies out there.

Comment Some interesting facts... (Score 1) 275

Sony, in spite of all the negativity continues to be successful. I'm just saying, not everyone complains about the way they do business. Another thing is that just because Gamestop (where I shop as little as possible) has set prices extremely high doesn't mean that's market price. Gamestop is notorious for overcharging for everything in their store in the first place, so that's not much of an accurate picture. On the point of someone mentioning Jailbreaking, not everyone wants to do this for every gadget and device they own. In fact I'd say that most consumers don't. This microcosm of consumers on slashdot is unique in that way. Just my thoughts. :)

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